Weekly Photo Challenge – Sweet

My Marshmallow, my jelly beans, my Hannah-Banana 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my niece!!


My entry for this weeks photo challenge!

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Pancreas

I know it is Valentine’s day and I should probably draw a heart 🙂 But I have already drawn it before. And this is not Valentine’s day special post.



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Healthy but no-so-yummy – Dudhi

There is no reason as for why? the most healthy food has to be so not yummy.

Just like the most beautiful dress is always the costliest one or is the most uncomfortable to put on.

It is the cost that we have to pay.

Because this post is about food, I am talking about one of the healthiest and most detested vegetable of our time, bottle guard!

Let me go back to the time when I used to live with my parents, and when my mom used to cook. Initially, she would make bottle guard aka lauki aka dudhi sabji (curry) once every 2 or 3 weeks. And it was fine. Although I didn’t like it much, I still had it being that “disciplined” and good daughter.

But then something happened, and all of a sudden she began to cook it once every week.

“You should eat it because it is healthy!”

And I had to eat it without any option. At one point it gave me nausea.

Fast forward to today. Now I am married and I am the person who cooks food for my family. And every time I see bottle guard I end up convincing myself that I have to buy it because it is a healthy vegetable!

Buying it is a lot easier than actually consuming it.

I made up my mind. Rather than quickly chopping the vegetable and putting it in the pressure cooker, I will take some extra efforts to actually grate it. The grated dudhi can be used to make yummy parathas, koftas and even sweet and simple kheer!

So when I have to prepare lunch boxes, I go for quick parathas. And if it is a weekend, then I might try even try scrumptious koftas! On a free evening, I prepare a 4-5 glass of kheer. My husband and I replace breakfast milk with this kheer. Then for the 4th time, I can go for normal sabji 🙂

Can you suggest me some other dishes made from dudhi or lauki or bottle guard? It will be really helpful!!

This post is in response to joining #FlavoursomeTuesdays

#FlavoursomeTuesdays is all about FOOD. A brainchild of Sunita of BellyBytes, it’s a place to share foodie talks, read posts on food and enjoy a hearty party! 

You may share-

Memories revolving around food
Your experiments in the kitchen.
Restaurant reviews (basically, anything revolving around food!)


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

What do you love about where you live? Show us! – The Daily Post

I live in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. It is not my home. I am not going to stay here for long. But when I will move, one thing that I am going to miss is being close to nature.

Following are the images and a video of a cold morning, on my way to work.

I love that even though it has all the modern facilities almost equivalent to a city, they have also preserved nature. I can feel the change in weather so evidently.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Tour Guide - 1

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide – 1

You can see in the above image because it is winter, the trees don’t have any leaves. The lake is almost frozen.

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Arty Crafty Wednesday

Because I was on a vacation, and I am posting it after a long time, today I am just going to share some doodles of birds that I could manage in the last couple of months.

I promise to come up with a proper dedicated drawing next week.

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Piku #AllTimeFavorite


Disclaimer – This is not a movie review. Neither is this a summary of the movie. It is just that, I keep on thinking a lot about the movies that I like. So I have just jotted down my thoughts. Do let me know if our thoughts match? Or not? 🙂

Piku - Motion se hi emotion

Piku – Motion se hi emotion

How I learned about the movie –
I first saw this movie on our national television. I started it from the middle somewhere. With the advertisements in between the movie and not so theatre kind of environment at home, I didn’t exactly realize the potential of the movie, but I liked the movie and I thought it was “my type”.
Later, I got married and it turned out to be my husband’s favorite movie so he made me watch it with him. I must say, its been my favorite since then 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

Mom and Dad at Skywalk, Hallstatt, Austria.

Mom and Dad at Skywalk, Hallstatt, Austria.

I love this picture of my mom dad! We went to Hallstatt, Austria last December during our Christmas vacation. This particular picture was taken on a spot called as ‘Skywalk’.

I love the scene, the background, the smiling faces and the warmth and joy it brings to me!

Love you Aai – Baba!

And love you hubby for such a wonderful trip!

This is my entry for Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved.


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It is not the day, it is the person!❤️❤️

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Taking a short break

I thought I would be able to manage everything and continue to blog regularly, but I am not. Not only that I am super busy (enjoying) I also think that I need no more distraction from these moments.


So I am not going to be hard on myself and going to take a short break from blogging. I might, post once in a while. But I am not sure.

I very much fear to lose all the rapport I have built with my readers and fellow bloggers.

But I have to take this break. So see you after 2 months, in next year 🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Chota Bheem


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