Khosla ka Ghosla #AllTimeFavorite

Disclaimer – This is not a movie review. Neither is this a summary of the movie. It is just that, I keep on thinking a lot about the movies that I like. So I have jotted down my thoughts. Do let me know if our thoughts match? Or not? 🙂

How I learned about the movie –

I had seen this movie couple of times on national television but in parts. It is not a typical Bollywood commercial movie in the sense that it doesn’t have any big stars (although it has really good actors.) So even though the movie made me laugh it wasn’t that big deal for me that I would download the movie and watch it all over again. I remember my brother and my dad watching this movie and laughing out quite loud.
After I got married, guess what? It turns out to be my hubby’s favourite movie!! And he made me watch it fully from start to end. And now we watch this movie every time like every time we have nothing to do.

What is the movie about –
It is about Mr Khosla, who lives in Delhi and is retired, has 3 kids, 2 sons and a daughter. He buys a plot to build his own house. So metaphorically, he buys a Ghosla, which means ‘nest’ in Hindi. He uses all his life savings for this deal. Little did he know, that even after buying the property and closing the deal, he would still not get his land because it has been illegally acquired by another wealthy and powerful businessman. He will have to shell out some more money to this businessman to get his own land back. His sons pitch in to get the land back but without spending a penny!

Cast –

Crew –

What I like about the movie –

I like the story, humour and acting. The story is something I have never seen before. It is very original. And the movie doesn’t have any particular punches. It just has normal conversations with people but still, it feels so funny and the idea that this is really happening with these people and they are really in that situation makes it so funny! This authentic feeling that they are in that situation comes from their acting. There is not a single person whose acting is fake.
The movie also has a small interlinked story about one of the Khosla’s sons wanting to change his name. 😀 😀 That guy is so serious about and it stirs up such a conflict between the father and the son but it still comes out as funny to the audience.
There is not a single dull moment.

Favourite dialogues from the movie –

“Isse sharafat kehte hai!” (This is called decency!)

If you haven’t seen this movie, you can find it on Youtube 😛


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I would rather be..

I would rather be with my people than sulking here miles away!

I will choose this anytime!! And over thing!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted to write about this for a while now.

I realised that since I am away from them, I am beginning to feel little depressed. Like there is a tank that is filled with tears and sad feelings and their level rise every day. Usually, I am OK, but I don’t feel happy. And the tank opens its tap at unexpected moments.

I feel like I am cut off from the source of my energy.

I don’t want anything else. I am OK if I cannot draw, even if my career is not taking me anywhere or I have not strike off a single thing from my bucket list. I just want to be with this people.

To end this post on a happy note, I just had my India visit and I have emptied my whole tank!! I feel so relaxed. ❤ ❤


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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Anglerfish

This week, I am back to my roots. 😛
I followed a video on Art For Kids Hub. A video to draw Anglerfish.


Thanks, Mr Hubs for making drawing and colouring so much fun!
You can follow the video here –


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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Supposed to be Raju

For the matter of fact, I know that he doesn’t look like Raju, from Chota Bheem at all.
In fact, he looks like an old bald guy 😦 I need to work on my characters 😐 😐


You can check out my other Chota Bheem characters –

  1. Chota Bheem
  2. Chutki
  3. Dholu-Bholu

You can check my other drawings in general, here.

To my surprise –

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Thanks for the love peeps!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of this World


This is my favourite spot.

The trees have green leaves usually, in autumn they turn orange and in winter, they all fall.

But another thing that is hidden in the above photo is the lake. 🙂 The white patch is actually the snow-covered, frozen lake.

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Dholu & Bholu

Ta-da!! Here are 2 more Chota Bheem characters!! The twins Dholu – Bholu!

Dholu Bholu, twins from Chota Bheem.

Dholu Bholu, twins from Chota Bheem.

This drawing is for your kids Bhavna!! :* :* :*

Initially, I was really happy with my drawing. I thought I have got them so perfect. I am so close to the real Dholu –  Bholu. And I have drawn 2 of them very similar.

And I also unknowingly used the technique of measuring the object, which I otherwise avoid (because I think it takes away the fun!)

Drawing of Dholu Bholu without colours.

Drawing of Dholu Bholu without colours.

But now I feel, they are not exactly like the original ones. I have seized innocence from their face. I will just pat myself and say “Well try!” 😐

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My Generation’s Responsibility

I believe every generation of a family decides its own responsibility. This sense of responsibility comes mostly from what they lacked from their earlier generation.

For instance, my father didn’t get much love and attention from his father. So he decided, when he will have kids i.e. us, he will be around us as much as he can. He will be gentle and loving. Also, he makes sure that he has fulfilled all our “valid” wishes. Similarly, my mom felt that – there wasn’t anyone who would tell her how to study, and so she decided to guide us in our studies. No matter what, she took some time out of her busy schedule to look into our studies.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – A Face in the Crowd

Explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden.

I wanted to share these images for such a long time! 😀 Finally I got a chance 😛


Guess who?

On our India trip, we went to Ganpatipule, a beautiful place on the west coast of India. It falls in Konkan region. They have set a museum there, ‘Prachin Konkan‘ which literally means ancient Konkan. 

They have various statues there depicting the ancient lifestyle. In those days, people used to perform plays in open space. That was their entertainment. They would use masks to play different characters which were exhibits in the museum.

We also masked ourselves, for fun!


Donning the mask of Ravan!


In the above photo, I indeed look like an ox of a farmer, who is made to wear nice clothes on a Maharashtrian festival called ‘Pola‘. 😀 😀

This was my entry for Weekly Photo Challenge!

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Chutki!

This week I have drawn Chutki from Chota Bheem. Well, that is my version of her 😉 🙂

Chutki from Chota Bheem

Chutki from Chota Bheem

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sweet

My Marshmallow, my jelly beans, my Hannah-Banana 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my niece!!


My entry for this weeks photo challenge!

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