To be an Influential person

So just when I start a new blog, because I want something new in my life, I get a new project at work which has a deadline too!
Is this what they call the secret? What you think is what you get? 🙂

I had wanted to write this down from long time.
One of the things in my bucket list is to be “an Influential Person.” But what do I really mean by Influential Person?

What do I see in people, in real life, who influence me and who make me think – why I am not like them?

I think here are the qualities that I see in them  –

  1. Charm
  2. Personality
  3. Caring
  4. Knowledgeable
  5. Humor
  6. Less prone to errors or mistakes
  7. Confidence
  8. Very good Presence of mind

If I want to be one of them, I need to have or since I don’t have, I need to develop these qualities in me.
Although I believe I do have 2 of these things – like – personality and charm and a bit of humor. But I believe, I haven’t done anything to be charming and to have a good personality. It is how I made. It’s all from birth.
Humor, is something I am very fond of and so I still try to groom the quality with time.

So out of 8, I can say I already have 2 1/2 things. But honestly they are of no use. I mean, they just give me a launch pad, and some confidence when I start thinking that I am a big LOOSER (yes, I do that very often!) Then, I just tell myself – I at least have something.

Yes, both charm and personality, come automatically to us when we have rest of the 6 qualities.

So my real motto is to get those 6 things in me.


That is what I am going to share.

I am first going to target – “Confidence”

If I am confident about things I do, I say, then I think most of the problems will be solved.

To begin with, the way I speak. At home I am like shouting at all, forcing my thoughts into people’s head even if they don’t want to listen.
And when I am out, I wonder people can even hear what I am saying! This maybe little exaggeration. I mean, people do hear what I say. But the voice is more like a frightened cat in contrast to tiger’s roar at home.
I am not saying that I must begin roaring everywhere I go! Gosh! People will run away!! 😛 But I must speak confidently. Loud enough for people to hear, pay attention to. And clear enough to understand the meaning and emotions behind it.

Many a times we are under pressure, what others will think? If the other person is elder to us, then out of respect we pressurize ourselves. Some times other person is at higher position. Sometimes he/she is unknown to us and we just don’t know how to speak. Other times we are just worried if people will misinterpret us. How can I say what’s in my mind if there is so much of pressure???

Honestly, now when I think, I realize that this whole pressure thing is a crap! We just have to throw it away.

Yes, people may not get our point, people might be older and can feel insulted, they might be at higher position and they might totally not get the point. All things can happen.

But do we ever think that after we speak out our thoughts, others might even like them? The elders might feel more friendly? It can help you to break ice between you and your seniors.  And someone might not have ever thought this way and your act of saying your thoughts loud might actually give them a new direction?

How often do we think positively? DO WE EVER?

I just happened to, and I got this answer 🙂

People might not like what we say sometimes, but that may not be always. Why will it be always? Are we so dumb? Don’t we know to speak? Don’t we know how to talk sensibly?

We need not talk something very interesting but we can just converse. If one don’t know things, one can ask away.

So, my first target is to talk to everyone around me and make my presence felt. Obviously I am not going to talk nonsense and make fun of myself. I should just converse.

They are so many people around, whom we see daily and still we don’t know even their names. So I am going to start talking to them, in loud, that is, in audible and clear voice.

Let’s see how it works! Didn’t I mention before I already have a launch pad? now it’s time to fly!!

Will keep you updated 🙂

The List

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have prepared a bucket list. And this blog is my journey of how I clear of the things in list one by one. 🙂

Note : the list is not at all an ideal bucket list and it may contain certain things which should not be in a bucket list. But they are things, I feel, will help me to carve my life the way I want it to be.

1. MBA
2. Be an influential person at least within my family, group of people I know
3. Able to read, write, speak and comprehend French
4. Finish my MCA
5. Learn proper English
6. Degree in science related to diet – be a dietician
7. Degree in one classical Indian dance
8. Learn a western dance form properly
9. Learn to draw proper mehendi
10. Learn things about make-up
11. Learn to draw rangoli
12. Learn to paint
13. Participate in a marathon with my cousins
14. Finish a marathon
15. Travel on cycle for like days at least once
16. Stay fit, with flat stomach for at least 6 months
17. Learn tailoring
18. Publish a site made by me
19. Learn to cook continental food
20. Learn to cook everything perfectly
21. Master yoga skills
22. Go to France
23. Travel entire India
24. Learn to shoot perfect photos
25. Make a documentary/short film
26. Join an organisation for some social work
27. Paint my house. If not house then at least my room
28. Learn some French songs by heart
29. Learn rap songs by heart
30. Follow certain routine for at least 1 year
31. Spend at least one continuous year without fighting/arguing with mom
32. Read lots of books, read all the good English classics
33. Watch lots of movies
34. Write reviews of movies
35. Write, sing, direct, choreograph, shoot a song all by myself
36. Get a tattoo
37. Meet someone from Amte family
38. Learn swimming
39. To maintain my bank balance 5 lakhs for at least a month
40. Stay in a house alone for 2 months (before getting married)

Oh NO! 40 of them!!

Wish me luck!! 😀


So just today, as I was wasting my time in office thinking of starting something new, I got this idea of writing a bucket list.

I have read so many lists by others but I never felt like writing one myself. I use to think that there is nothing in my life that I really want to do or I aim to do, especially within a particular time span.

As the infamous saying of John Lenon –

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plan..”

I thought the life is anyway going to happen so whats point holding on to something?

And while living with this thought, unknowingly I had already set 2 targets for near future. One is to complete my MCA and other is to pass B2 level of DELF.

Now, I realize that I cannot let my life to just happen like that… It might happen on its own but I should always try from my side to make it happen the way I want it to. And when I began writing things, I got a whole list of things that I want to do! LOL!

So I thought – Why don’t I start a blog so that I can track all my moves towards life I want to make and I can compare, as life goes on, whether it is moving in my direction or it is happening on its own!!

I also wanted to start something new like a new project. So this blog. I want to keep behind all the bad/sad things and begin my journey towards a new, bright life!

P S : I want to share this photo that I just got today from a professional cartoonist, who draw cartoons for one of the leading news papers! Such a beautiful day is today!

That's me!