Is this what it is to be a mom?


Rose plant with a new leaf!

Well, I had wanted a rose plant in our balcony from long time as we have many other plants but not a single rose. So I told mom about this as she is the gardener.
But she said we had one rose plant but it died and now if I want one I should first water existing plants daily.
Okay. Now that’s a quite fair deal. And I tried doing but then,there came rainy season and I lost my habit of doing it regularly.  So I myself gave it a second thought that if I can’t preserve the existing plants, how can I get a new one? And having a new one and not taking care of it, just letting it die is like a sin. A murder.
But I anyhow wanted a rose plant. So I thought of an idea. I gifted it toy dad 😀 he is assistant gardener 😛
I mean mom knows very well how to plant a tree and how to feed them with fertilisers. She also knows if plants are not getting enough of sun light. So, she looks after plants and dad waters them, daily, without fail.
So I realised even I bring a plant and don’t get time to look after it, they both will definitely care about it. And so they did 😀 Although I did plant it under mother’s guidance and would at least say hi to it daily.
But from long time, say from October,it never showed any growth. There was neither a new leaf nor the old leaves grew. But it didn’t even dry out and die. It was there. Fresh and lively. Maybe it was taking its time to strengthen the roots in new soil.
I had almost given up on it when yesterday mom told me it has got many new leaves!


Wow!  It’s like seeing your baby say it’s first word or standing up for the first time! :-*
Now I am waiting for the day when it will have first bud, first rose! It will be like the child entering into puberty! Uff! Parents have so many dreams for their kids!!

A sister is little bit of childhood that can’t be lost!

to my sisters! :*
with lots of love!!

Regular Indian Girl!

I can’t believe I have blogged for better part of a year and haven’t mentioned Hobbes yet! (I call her Hobbes because I love to believe that I am the smarter one! 😉 )

200369_177707512276895_2110649_nThat’s my little sister and me in our childhood home, when we were still making beautiful memories!!!

I’ve realised one thing – Distance does make the hearts grow fonder. Or may be, this is just one of the moments when melancholy rushes over you when you think of her going away to another country pretty soon.

She’s been planning her MS for over a year now but now that the tests are done and acceptance letters have started coming in, the hazy picture of hers in a foreign place has started getting clearer. And proud though I may be, I feel lost at the same time.

My little sister is going away. A place where I cannot…

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And we both cried together…

The house was too crowded. There were lot many people. Some I knew and some I didn’t. But they all seemed to know me. Nobody asked me my name. Nor did I tell anyone. They just knew. But they all looked happy. Nobody was sad or tensed.

Even mom was smiling. She wasn’t crying or angry or anything.

All my uncles, my aunty, grand uncle and grand aunties had also come.

Everyone was busy with some or the other work. It was one of my uncles wedding. That was the reason why all had gathered. I have heard people say that there is lot of preparation to do in wedding house. I see now. Aunty was also busy doing some work. I also wanted to help her. After asking her numerous times, she finally gave me job of wiping the bottles with wet cloth as she wiped the shelf with other wet cloth.

Of all the aunties, this aunty talked a lot to me. Maybe because she don’t have her babies to occupy her. She also played all sorts of games with me. Especially House-house. But today there was lot of work and I wanted to help her like a good girl 🙂

All the day’s work was done by the evening. All were having warm tea. I don’t have tea, I just eat biscuits dipped in tea. I had it while aunty was having her tea. Then we went to the kitchen to look for other work. Mom and other uncles were chit chatting in bedroom. I could hear mom talking. Talking about dad. About the day when he wore coat. Uncle was also going to wear one. He wanted something to put in coat, and mom was describing how dad had worn it. Oh God! Where is dad??

Everyone is here. But where is Dad? I haven’t seen him in so many days. How did he disappear? All of a sudden? He was not well and mom took him to hospital. But after that he never returned. Where did he go? I miss him… I miss him so much!

I don’t know what happened then. All of a sudden there was so much pain, so much void. Some butterflies in my stomach. Tears began to roll down my cheeks. I didn’t want them to. But I couldn’t control.

“I want dad!” But I didn’t say that aloud.
“I want mom!” I said instead.
“Want happened Lily?” Aunty asked as if she knew I was lying.
“Do you want chocolates?”
“Do you want biscuits?” She continued to ask if I want this or that. Just liked I continue to say I want mom.

She didn’t ask if I want dad. Even she knew he is missing. But she didn’t ask if I want him. Just like I didn’t say I want him.

Everybody in the room turned their eyes to me. Their smiles vanished. Little tense. Little murmur. But pretending that all is normal.

Maybe all is normal.
Except that my dad is missing.

Even aunty got serious now. She bent down to me. Stopped asking what I wanted and just said

“Lily, stop crying. Don’t cry.”
She wiped my tears.
“I want mom!”
“Stop crying first”
I continued to cry.

“ If you will cry, then I will also cry.”

I looked at her, with more attention now. Yes, there were tears in her eyes. They didn’t role down, but they were floating at the border.

I didn’t know what to say.
I stopped crying.
Why was she crying?
Does she know why I am crying?
Is she crying because I am crying?
Or does she also miss him?

Mom came from other room.

“What happened Lily? You shouldn’t cry like this.”
“You should tell what you want or what you don’t” She looked at aunty and “Oh! Aunty is also crying!”

And now the tears were on her cheeks too. She wiped them fast and looked  other way to hid her face. Yes she was crying.

Mom took me to other room where all were watching television. All looked happy. Totally unaware of what just happened..


Guys I need your review, did you understand what I want to convey? Or can you please tell what you understood?


New Year: My One Word for 2015 and Why I Can’t Leave 2014 Behind

One of the ways to look at 2015…

Such Small Hands

In Korea people don’t stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year. Instead, they get up in the middle of the night and they hike a mountain. They climb through the dark, snowy pre-dawn hours and when they reach the top they stand with their faces to the sky to greet the first sunrise of the New Year.

What a contrast to how we in the West often enter the New Year – stumbling out of bed at noon, tired and quite possibly hungover. For many, January 1st is a day of recovery. We spend New Year’s Eve celebrating the ending of something and the beginning of a new thing. We bombard the internet with reflections on the previous year. Even the less introspective among us take a moment to declare the past year, “the best” or “the hardest” or “the craziest” year of their lives.

I can…

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Grendel Gremlin!

On the, they had this lesson to draw sketch of Grendel Gremlin.

Here is what I did 😛

Grendel Gremlin

Grendel Gremlin

And then they had challenge i.e. an exercise to try our own Grendel. 🙂

My Grendel Gremlin

My Grendel Gremlin 🙂

Then I got excited and tried to draw sketch of a mask that I received on new year’s eve.

And I also drew this

I think these all are good as I know my drawing abilities 😛 I never thought whatever I draw can be even be little bit pretty. Let’s see what is stored in the coming lessons of Brenda.

Happy New Year.