Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral – Marathi Calendar ‘Kaalnirnay’

It’s time, that never stays. It changes always. Seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes… Days after days…

It was just yesterday I finished my graduation and got a new job. And today I am here all set to get married, to take a huge responsibility… Wow!

And tomorrow, I know, I am going to get damn hard busy with all the new responsibilities that might just keep me away from blogging! But I really hope that it won’t happen that way.

We can’t say anything, coz time is ephemeral 🙂

Here is my entry for Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Ephemeral - Marathi Calendar 'Kaalnirnay'

It’s image of Marathi Calendar, very rightly named as – KaalNirnay’ – the time decider. 🙂 You will definitely find this in every Maharashtrian’s house.

Some planning…

They say – Goals without plan are just dreams or wishes.

So I have finally decided to plan to achieve my goals. Most of the goals are obviously from my bucket list. But I am going to achieve them one by one.

And I am also going to take help of power of positive thinking 😛
Lately, I happen to read some articles on the same and I felt like, it might not work, but it will also not backfire right? So why not give it a try??

So first, I have decided the goals that I want to achieve in the immediate future. They are –

1. Weight loss and getting in shape
2. Strong healthy hair
3. Get a nice skin
4. Clear MCA exams on time
5. Learn French

For weight loss. I had planned to join gym but then I changed my plan and I am going to walk daily and see what effect it has.

Walking is also a good exercise and I have read enough how walking alone with proper eating habits can help to reduce weight. So other thing that I need to look after is proper eating habit. I am also reading a book for that – ‘Lose your weight, don’t lose your mind.’ And I am definitely going to share the tips on this blog.

For strong healthy hair, I need to really follow a routine – like applying oil and egg white twice in a week, comb my hair daily at least twice (once before going to bed) yeah, I need to give up my laziness and buck up myself. I hope I pick up things.

I dont need to get a nice skin actually, I already have one. I just need to maintain it. By cleaning my face often especially now that it’s going to be hot summer and all the sweating! Also I need to avoid oliy food as it gives me immediate pimple 😀

Clearing MCA and learning french are real tough job. I don’t have a plan for them yet. Actually I don’t have enough time for the two at the very moment. So for now, I am going to use my positive thinking power here. Err… that was lame. I know. But I will come up with something for this. Maybe after a week. Because the coming week is really going to busy, and special too! I am getting engaged on 29th!

Oops! Did I just say that? I was not going to disclose it!!

More details about it later. I am finishing this post for now! See you!

Reply from AAP to “A common man’s letter to Arvind Kejriwal”

Proactive Indian

On February 17, 2015, I had sent a letter to Arvind Kejriwal by email from proactiveindian@rediffmail.com to contact@aamaadmiparty.org
Click here to read the text of my letter.

On March 14, 2015, I received the following reply by email:

Dear Sir,

We apologize for the delay in replying.
Thank you for writing to us and reminding us of the possible pitfalls. We assure you that your mail will be given a deep consideration, and we will guard ourselves against the corrupting effects of power. We will take all caution to prevent AAP from degenerating into yet another political party.

Our historic journey begins now. We request you to join us and together let us work hard for a better tomorrow for our nation.

Warm Regards,

Dona Rose Thomas
Team AAP

My thoughts about the reply:

1. AAP must be receiving dozens, maybe hundreds of communications every day. It appears they have created…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange Color Photos

I just happened to realise that I have a 20.4 mP camera ad I am still not participating regularly in Photo Challenges.

So as soon as I realised, I went to Daily Post blog and….

And I did nothing. Today when I got bored, I again had same thought and I decided to participate in the challenge.

So I went to daily post blog and checked the Weekly Photo Challenge topic.



It’s a multi photo challenge. So I collected various Orange color photos and framed them together!

I feel I have messed it up a little by using too much of effects and making it very dark and bright. Unlike the photos on the post where they have natural orange. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned about 20 mP Camera 😛

Will try to get better pictures next time!

Can’t wait till next Friday!

Dum Lagake Haisha

Aah! What a beautiful movie! And the lead lady!!



I can’t stop thinking about her. 🙂


Of course the hero is already my favorite, but the lady just made her debut in Bollywood and she has successfully occupied place in minds of thousands of her fans, including me!

The story is quite simple. A man and a woman, totally different, get married as arranged by their parents. Girl is little fat but I think she is pretty enough for anyone to fall in love. She also has enough self-respect to stand against any injustice. Guy is pretty and slim but couldn’t even clear his 10th exam. Girl is well educated and to mention here, the first day they meet, she asks his qualification! The boys side lie about it that he is graduate but still prefers to carry forward his dad’s business of cassettes.

The girl figures out everything on her first day itself. But she still loves her husband. So she tries to win his heart till the point when he crosses the line. Then she files for a divorce!

But it is not about their divorce. It is how eventually they fall in love with each other! Yeah, Happy ending!


The movie is very simple. Very low budget. But nicely made. Considers all small things that people care about. The supporting cast has also done wonderful job!
It makes you smile throughout. Even in sad situations, I had a smile on my face, because I was thinking how silly they were being and because I knew it is going to have a happy ending!

Although it is not a kind of movie one has to see in theatres, but one can still watch it in heatres to give to required credit and appreciation to the movie makers. And als

o to know what everyone is talking about!

I will give 3 ½ stars on 4.

Directed by Sharat Katariya
Produced by Aditya Chopra
Maneesh Sharma
Music by Songs:
Anu Malik
Background Score:
Andrea Guerra
Release dates
  • February 27, 2015 (2015-02-27)
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget INR15 crore (US$2.4 million)[1]
Box office INR14.81 crore (US$2.3 million)


Dear Mom!

It’s high time that I write this. One reason is because I haven’t written anything from long time and second is I don’t want any more delay in writing down what I feel about my mom.

I love you mom!

And these words are not enough. And my actions may not say the same either. But I still love you.

I can see all the things you have done for me, and you are still doing for me. Probably, Now that I am going to stay away from you, I realize there worth more. I realize, all things that I am going to miss. I know you will say “I am always there for you”
But still…

I remember you waking up early to wake me up, because I had told you last night. And then I would not get up and instead shower angry words on you for spoiling my sleep.

I remember you cooking my favorite dishes in middle of all the chores. And me eating voraciously without helping you much in the work, earlier because I was too young to help and now because too busy to do anything. You still didn’t mind and don’t mind now either. The worst thing was, later the same day, I would shout at you for a small thing that you didn’t let me do. :( I am sorry.

And then you and dad and Tushar would go and buy me hell lot of dresses as a surprise on my Birthday! Wow! And just next day I would forget the things and start yelling at you for some stupid reasons.

I know, mom doesn’t need things like these, Sorry and Thank you. She doesn’t even want her daughter to keep track of things that she did for her. But I can’t help and remember them all.

Mom, I am going to miss you.

I will not say you never scolded me or spanked me. But whatever you did was for my good. And whatever values I have in me today, I am really glad I have them. They are because of you.

All the times, when I would be crying after my bad exams or when I would just get tired of all the things happening in my life… You would initially scold and then nicely explain me how I should deal with all that. How I should not worry about the results right now and continue to work hard to finish all the tasks I have taken up. And I would still get angry at you and would tell to stop lecturing. But the things would get really fine later…

I am finding it really hard to accept these shameful things I did. But I did them.

You would always have confidence in me, just like you have now. That I will definitely fetch water wherever I dig. I never had and I don’t have it even now. But I believe in your belief. You say I am born with a strong destiny, I don’t believe that but I believe in what you say.

I don’t know from where you have gathered all this strength, physical as well as mental. But I have and will always appreciate it. The ability to go against all odds and fight for the right, no matter who is going to benefit from it! Hat’s off!

From all the things that I have heard about your childhood and young age and how much I have seen you, I really appreciate it. I am very proud of you, and I am very lucky to have you.

Mom, I love you.

I just hope that I can always be there for you whenever you need me. I hope I can do everything that you think your daughter is capable to. I will try my best to never let you down.

I wish you a very good health, prosperous life and lot of happiness!!!!!!!!

Happy Women’s Day Mom!