Five Words on Friday!

Of all the dreams that I have, one is to be a writer, or I can just say be able to write something that has some standard, that others will want to read and most important I myself would want people to know that I am its author.

But my biggest problem is my vocabulary. It’s very poor and so I tend to use very common words. I feel this limits my writing. It feels always the same. Even I write a poem, it feels as if it very casual. Although I do believe that simplicity is never boring, I would like to have different flavours to my writing.

The other thing is, I also want to clear MBA entrance, which needs really good vocabulary. So any how I have to work on this.

The question is, who is stopping me? Myself. My laziness.

As I have realized this, I am once again going to give it a try. I have brought this book, Emma by Jane Austen. I  know I must have read this book long time back. But…never mind. Okay. And now, I am going to start this section on my blog. Five words on Friday.

So today’s five words are here, and all of them are from ‘Emma’

1. Parish -a district with its own church and clergy, a smallest unit of government in rural areas.
It is used to describe places where Emma’s dad’s friends come from. Either the same parish or nearby parish.

2.Vicar – priest in charge of a parish.
So one of his friends is a widow of a Vicar.

3. Quadrille – a dance form performed by four couples
The widow happen to be interested in tea and the quadrille.

4. Predicament – difficult situation.
The daughter of the same friend was in a predicament.

Here is the last one –

5. Atonement – the action of making amends for a sin or other wrongdoings, the reconciliation of God and humanity through the death of Jesus.
The daughter couldn’t make atonements. (I really didn’t get this point!)

The words are from 3rd chapter of the book and are from just 2 pages! Hush! And I am tired. But it’s like my last chance, at least for doing MBA. If it works this time, there cannot be better thing in this world for me!

Readers, if you can suggest anything, please go ahead. I need everything from ideas to blessings! I am opened to everything!

Keep learning.

Cleanliness bug!

While checking out different bloggers, I cam across this girl – My Messy World Here – and I realized, yes I too need to work on my cleanliness habits.

It’s not that I am not clean or I am very dirty. As I stay with my parents, there is always someone to take care of your stuff. Even I dont keep my things on place, my mom or my dad will, at some point of time keep it back to the place. But the thing is, they keep it at place where they think is right one. not the one that I have allocated. So it becomes really difficult for me next time to figure out their right place. And that’s why, I think it is better to do our things ourselves. Rather than being dependent on others. And then unnecessarily blaming them for helping us.

Also, once you get used to doing things rightly, we like it and we continue to do it every time.

So after coming across the blog, I realized, I have my 2 shelfs to clean. One of my cloths and other one of my books.



I found 2 weeks and cleaned both the shelfs. Thanks messy girl for inspiring me!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

My first ever niece! I love her a lot. You can see my long, fat hands enveloped around her. I hope she can feel the warmth, love and care that I have for in my heart.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Enveloped

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

The unexpected turns of event and I realise, now you need me more than before. I hope I will bear my responsibility, and will do everything that is best for  you.

To My Hero

Aah… So your favourite player gets engaged, and you start to dislike him…

Actually that’s not true fandom. Isn’t it? But I don’t know why, I felt like he betrayed me. I mean it is not that I ever thought there could be a thing between us. I mean, I did, maybe once or twice or I don’t remember. But I really never thought he would get engaged so soon.

In fact I always thought he might not be interested in being committed so soon. And he was in a relationship from like 6 long years!

How stupid of me!! How can, a guy, not think of having a girl? And especially when he is a hot, successful (to some extent) and sensational sportsman of an entire country, how can he not have a girlfriend???

Yes, I am known for my stupidness. And somewhere deep down I knew this day would come. It is just that it came to soon…

At least he could wait till I get married.

Now I just hope that we get married on the same day! Please Sharma!!  Decide same date as mine!!

Ok. Now coming to the point of this post.

The news of him getting engaged revived the poet in me 😛 And I wrote a poem, which I myself liked so much. Of course it is not too great but it definitely conveys the message I wanted to through it!

Let me know if you liked it too!


Lots of love!

Letting Go of Past Wrongs

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

Guest post by wordssetmefreee

A couple of weeks back, I received an email from J1289 that described some of her difficult /abusive childhood experiences. As a child, she was constantly blamed for things she had no control over. She was belittled, compared to others unfavorably, manipulated and controlled in ways that were a clear abuse of parental authority. She went out into the world, began to question and re-think many childhood misconceptions, and began to form a different (more coherent) view of the world and herself. Despite the abuse, she re-built her self-esteem, a remarkable feet considering many adults (who haven’t suffered abuse) may go through their entire lives without a clear sense of who they are and what they want.

But, how does one forgive those that let us down? How do we forget their meanness, their ignorance, and their selfishness? These lines from her email really stood out…

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Do you watch FRIENDS?  Do you remember that episode of Chandler’s and Monica’s wedding?
Do you remember in they find out that Rachel is pregnant?  But she is not sure if she is really pregnant. So they decide to take the test again.
Phoebe checks the result.
It’s negative.
For a moment Rachel doesn’t know what to do. She isn’t pregnant. She isn’t carrying a baby. She isn’t going to be mom.
All of a sudden she is just Rachel again.
No, it’s positive. :mrgreen:


We need to do this sometimes to know what we really want.

I just recalled all this to gain your sympathy.

It just happened that I am doing my post graduation in Computer Application from a distance university.

And I missed a practical just because I didn’t go and check if there was any notice displayed.

And when I realized what I did I was about to cry or one can say I was about to sob,but I didn’t.  Not a single tear. Because I always keep on claiming that I really don’t care about this course.  I am just doing it for the sake of.

But do I really?

Oh gosh! I am really disappointed in myself for this behaviour. I never thought I will stoop so low. But I did.

And this Master’s course made me do many such things which I would not have done otherwise…

This post is dedicated to all those things. Here are some of them-

1. I failed. not once. But in every exam.
I have at least 2 results for all exams.

2. I wrote test for a subject for 4 times. I finally passed at 4th attempt.

3. 4 attempts blessed me with an year drop.

4. I didn’t write an exam, just because I was irritated, frustrated, tired, sick or whatever sounds more convincing.

5. I went for a practical and just came back without taking the test, again whichever reason you feel is more convincing for doing this.

6. The most obvious one is, going to exam without being prepared.



And there are 3 more semesters to go. I dont know what’s in the store.

For some, this may not be that big deal. Failing an exam, writing it over again and again, going to exam without preparation ca be very normal.

But for some one like me, who have never done this before, yes it is a big deal. Or now I must say it was a big deal. I had friends who weren’t as a lucky as me in case of amenities and didn’t have literate parents like me. But they still worked hard and are successful in their lives. They used to make me feel ashamed of myself when I couldn’t have a better score. If they can do it, why not me?

So having come from such background, it was initially  not taken well by anybody around me. And I had convinced myself that this is absolutely fine. I am working now and the final degree may not even matter much later. But this recent incident, was an eye opener.

The Bible!

The Bible!

Whatever may be the reason for taking up the course, and whatever be its value. now its time to get rid of it. To finish it off. Stop being lazy. And to work hard. Its time to move on and go ahead with life.

Wish me luck friends.