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Five Words on Friday!

Of all the dreams that I have, one is to be a writer, or I can just say be able to write something that has some standard, that others will want to read and most important I myself would want … Continue reading

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Cleanliness bug!

While checking out different bloggers, I cam across this girl – My Messy World Here – and I realized, yes I too need to work on my cleanliness habits. It’s not that I am not clean or I am very dirty. As I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

My first ever niece! I love her a lot. You can see my long, fat hands enveloped around her. I hope she can feel the warmth, love and care that I have for in my heart. The unexpected turns of event … Continue reading

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To My Hero

Aah… So your favourite player gets engaged, and you start to dislike him… Actually that’s not true fandom. Isn’t it? But I don’t know why, I felt like he betrayed me. I mean it is not that I ever thought … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Past Wrongs

Originally posted on The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker:
Guest post by wordssetmefreee A couple of weeks back, I received an email from J1289 that described some of her difficult /abusive childhood experiences. As a child, she was…

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Do you watch FRIENDS?  Do you remember that episode of Chandler’s and Monica’s wedding? Do you remember in end they find out that Rachel is pregnant?  But she is not sure if she is really pregnant. So they decide to … Continue reading

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