A deeper look into Tanu weds Manu returns

Tanu weds Manu Returns

Tanu weds Manu Returns

When I wrote my last review on Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I also went through other reviews to check out what people had to say about it.

One point everybody agreed to was that – it was definitely entertaining! And all had performed exceptionally well to make you want to see it.

But some viewers have some issues regarding the story line. About the 2 different characters played by Kangna, about falling in love and about marriage and remarriage.
Here is my opinion on these issues.

1. Tanu leaving her husband in mental asylum and flirting with other guys –
Before I saw the movie, my cousin and her mom, my aunt had already seen it and I happen to meet them. And then my cousin told me how my aunt was unhappy with Tanu for herself flirting with other guys and still wanting her husband and all love from him. I didn’t know the story but I knew Tanu. So this was something expected from her. I didn’t mind it and just took it as a compliment to Kangna for her performance. I mean, if I do the same thing, it is definitely gonna make everyone at my house furious. I thought she acted well.
But when I saw the movie, I realized what it was not just flirting. And she didn’t intend to play with all other hearts. And she didn’t have anything to do with her Doctor husband.
All she wanted was to be happy. She was trying all the possible ways to make herself happy. And I don’t think anything is wrong in that. Till you cross your moral line and you are the only one, yourself to decide your moral line. And it’s not that she didn’t love her husband. She definitely did. But it happens sometimes that we are so bored with our life, with everything in it. We start blaming other people, we just don’t care about anybody else. We just want a break. Like, for example, in office someday we might just not feel like doing any work. So we just meander, waste our time doing nothing. Although the coming day we might end up doing double work than our capacity, but that break of one day is required. If think of this example on a wider scale, in Tanu’s life, she needed that break. She didn’t know what to do. So she just did what she felt would make her happy. She took a break from her boring life. Of course , in the end we can see, that even she realized she did something wrong and she might have to pay a big amount for that. But then, she is Tanu, we expect that from her!

2. Manu falling in love with Kusum –
Even his friend Pappi says – ‘Are you going to follow every girl who looks like Tanu?’ And it drifted me to the first part. I really didn’t like the Manu who was so crazy about Tanu that he couldn’t think of anyone else. He finally decides not to marry anybody, stay single. I was like, what an idiot he is! Life never ends if one person says ‘No’. And Manu was a Doctor. You know how big deal it is to be a Doctor, that too in London! Man! Get some self-respect! That was me 4 years back. Today, I have seen some more of the world, experienced new feelings and learnt better lessons. My first thought was, he is Manu, is obviously mad in love. He is emotional, and he is heartbroken as before and he don’t know what to do. So again he trying to please his hear, himself by having a girl who looks like Tanu and who is also in love with him. That sounds like a bonus! He is not in the mental state of mind to figure out if he is doing is right or not. Yes, it was a hasty step and an expected one in that situation. Now suppose, if Tanu wouldn’t have left him. Instead is she would have died, will his behavior need so much of explanation? Definitely not. Then we will think he is in grief.

3. But how does Kusum falls in love with a guy who is 40+ and is already married?
The movie itself answers it. In the movie, Kusum admits – ‘I have always looked up to guys as if a brother or a competition. There could never be any other relation.’ Well, Manu was her first crush. Do you remember your first crush? Do we ever think how that person looks? What must be his age? What is his background? No we don’t. Because that feeling is totally new to us. And we just don’t care to get into all those details. That’s what is crush all about, isn’t it? Even Kusum tend to ignore all the things. Thankfully, she didn’t have to marry the wrong person just because she had a crush on him!

Is that enough?

I don’t know what is the real reason behind writing this post, defending the movie.
It actually an attempt to make my thoughts more clear. Writing is helpful In this aspect.
When I would read other reviews, I would think, if other movies would have such story, would have I liked them too? Of course, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a perfect blend of everything, but is it hiding the flaws in the story, that others are pointing at? Now I don’t think so. The story is just as it should be. Maybe there are too many coincidences like finding a look alike, and both the lovers find the other one almost at the same time, etc… But then it is a fiction movie. Nobody said it was real. But it still has a real touch.

If you haven’t watched it, go watch it now!


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