Game of Thrones!

There are two kinds of people in this world, one are those who are totally hooked by the violence, nudity, brazenness and politics shown in Game of Thrones and others who are not at all interested in it. I definitely belong to the first kind! And that’s why this post.

I recently finished watching all the 5 seasons of GOT. And how long it took? 1 month or may be 1 and half month. It is actually more time than how much it usually takes for other people i guess because once you start watching it, you can’t really hold yourself. You just want to know what happens next!


Initially, I didn’t have any idea about this series. But all of a sudden I felt like everyone around me is just talking about it. Even my brother who was in the middle of sea somewhere in the east Asia downloaded those episodes and watched them and I felt like, yeah it’s the time I watch them too. At first I was scared by the white walkers they showed right in the beginning of the first episode of first season. I turned it off then and there. I thought it is something about ghost or zombies. Some how I gathered courage and thought of watching it when everyone is around and there is a lot of chaos so that there will be earthly feeling. And thank God for that! It was the best decision to go ahead and watch!!

Why? Because I think it is one of the best thing happen on TV. Well, it’s not just me who thinks so, many others do. All who belong to first of the 2 categories I mentioned above. They have shown people getting beheaded, they have shown people having s**. They have shown dirty politics that gets other people killed and no one cares. They have shown everything that is reality. Unlike other serials or movies or even books where they tend to have happy endings or they show that good actions have good consequences, GOT shows us that life is not about being good, it is about being right. And right is not in the eyes of God but right thing to do to save our own ass. If you have to survive, you can’t think about others. You just have to think what is to be done to save your head from getting slaughtered. Isn’t it true even in our real life? Sometimes our goodness serves us good, but not always. It’s the right things done at right time that actually reward us. Good things always make us sacrifice our happiness.


The other peculiar thing is the women portrayed. It is not a women-centric story. In fact every character is unique and makes its own impression in a very unique way. But the women are equally important. They are not weak. They might make mistakes but they are strong enough to correct them, to learn new things and to avenge their enemies. They make their choices and the live with it with courage. Even the belligerent Cercei can be thought of as a powerful woman shaping the story considerably.


My favorite characters of all is Jon Snow ❤ I know he is already favorite of many but that is not going to stop me from liking him. I am not sure about the books, but in the series I think the actor Kit Harrington has given a different angle to the role. A windings’ leader is heard saying he is prettier than both of his daughters. But he is as brave as any other Ranger of night watch and as honorable as any other Stark child. And so was his death – as depressing as any other favorite character. 😦


Now that I am done with all the 5 seasons that have been aired, i feel a bit relaxed. At the same time a bit tensed when I think about Jon, Arya, Sansa and Theon, Tyrion, Danerys, Tommen. And of course the Mountain! I mean I am worried if he is going to kill the Tyrells. Oh God! Somebody take him away!

Everybody’s fate is uncertain and it will be revealed only in April 2016 when the next season will release. Till that time, all I can do is concentrate on reading some books and keep an eye on the spoilers 😛 There is no doubt that the coming season is going to be more happening than earlier season as it happened with every season. I am just glad I caught up quite early and now I can join others in their excitement!

Till then, Valar Dohaeris!

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

After a long time, I am back to my old hobby, READING. I must agree, I struggled to finish these 2 books – Emma and The Alchemist. And to be honest, I didn’t even read Emma till the last page. Maybe I will go back some time to finish it but I am almost at the end. I am done with The Alchemist. And here I am with a post on the book. *ta da*

Though, you must know that this is not a review.

The story is about a boy from Spain, Santiago who likes to travel. He chooses to become a shepherd. Because shepherd gets to travel a lot, with his sheep. This shepherd has a dream, of going to pyramids where he believes he is going to find some hidden treasure. This dream is referred as his destiny or in some versions of book as personal legend. He meets different people on his way of achieving his destiny. They all seem to push him to make it reality. As the writer often says – when we wish for something, entire universe conspires for that wish to come true.

Paulo has nicely described everything. He tells how some people don’t achieve their dreams, some just don’t want it to come true while some are worried about the failures or about other things they will lose on their way.
The book has a nice conversation between the boy and his heart, a kind which we all should have with ours. He do meets lot of problems on his way, and he does fight hard and does everything that he is supposed to do in order to achieve his dream. And the people around him support his efforts.

The Alchemist made me think of my dream. I will not say I have completely given up. But I had stopped trying. Perhaps I will re-think about it. Or I have already started thinking about it. I want my dreams to come true. Now that I have met my partner, my soul mate, I think there should be nothing to stop me from working hard. That’s where I lack. And I don’t dare to give up things. The conversations in the book were eye opener to me. I feel like I really need to give it another chance. I need to talk to AK about this. Only I don’t know where to start from. The dream is too big and may be very vague to explain. But I have to do it. Or there will only be regret at the end.

I would love to write on this blog, how the universe conspired to make my dream into reality!

Keep watching the space 😉

Thanks Paulo Coelho for this inspiring book. May be this book is the first sign. And thanks dad for gifting it to me!!

A must read, at least once in your life time.