Reading habit!

Recently I realised that, I have to keep on reading something daily, if I really wish to carry forward my reading habit.

So you see, it’s not really a love for reading that keeps you going but it’
is habit of reading that is necessary.

Why do I think reading habit is necessary??

Most important thing that you get by reading is knowing about the world just by sitting in your room. For example, now I am reading Shiva triology.  The book talks about ancient India.  So I got to know about different rivers flowing in different parts of country which I had learnt in school, but eventually forgot.  I learnt that there is a river tsangpo in Tibet which joins bramhaputra river of India. There was a big vishnu temple in ujjain. It is river narmada that divides India in North and south. I also learnt few reasons behind Indian rituals and customs and mythological stories.  Just by sitting in my study.

Another advantage of reading is, it keeps you engaged. It keeps you away from unnecessary chaos, because we are so into that book. We try to avoid everything to spend some time reading what happens next. And if at all we decide to engage into something, it only empowers us with the knowledge!

We learn about usage of words, phrases. We learn about language.  We learn about different cultures, different people through their style of writing.
Most of the readers will agree that reading encourages us to write!  It paves a way for our thoughts,  it let’s them flow in a manner that has influenced us.

I think these more than enough reasons why I should put a reading habit and give my best to it!

Keep reading, keep sharing!

Friends are weird!

Yeah… They are really weird sometimes.
They just get on our nerve sometimes.  They are good to us all the time.  We share secrets. We share jokes. We share problems. We cry together,  we laugh together. We technically live together.
And then one day comes, and they just start behaving differently. May be they find new friends. Maybe they find us boring. Maybe they don’t need us anymore. Or maybe they just don’t care. They are just fine without us. But how could they be when we are not?
And now that they are good without us, what are we supposed to do? Coz we never thought of this day! Had never seen it in near future. Should we shout?  Should we cry? Should we yell? Oh God! What to do?
Should we just go and tell them? Or maybe we should find new friends,  friends who need us. Friends who care. We want us. Friends who spend time with us. Whom we meet more often.. Who make us happy rather than sad and unwanted.
But it’s really difficult. Because we already rejected by someone.  But ye dil still mange more. Ye Dil wants friendship. It wants to be part of someones life. It wants to be important to someone. So we too move on. Keep on making new friends. Finding people who are alike. People who care to share. Who share their jokes, Secrets, problem, tears, laughters or even mundane things.
And one day we realise, we are really happy with new buddies. But our old friends are still missed. Maybe we should try to patch it up once again.  Maybe they do need us unlike we think.
So one fine day, we just hold them and pour it all!! All of it in a go! All things that hurt us from day one, we say it all. And we realise these things don’t really matter. What matters is ‘FRIENDSHIP’
All that matters are our friends.  Because even after such long time,  they stick to us. Keeping aside the misunderstandings they don’t give up on us. This shows that they really care! They don’t really have to prove it. You just know it!!!! 😘