1st Month Marriage Anniversary!

Honest note: this post was partially written on 25th Jan and partially today i.e. 30th of Jan.

Today, on 25th Jan we have our first month wedding anniversary and I think marriage is fun! But only if we marry the right person!

Ours is an arranged marriage. But we have been engaged for almost an year before getting married. That was the most useful thing i guess. As all say,  arranged marriage is a gamble. But then so is love marriage. Only thing in any marriage is we need to know the person we are getting married to. We should know their plus points. And if there are any negative points then we ourselves should decide if we are ok with those negatives. But again, people who have lived for 20-30 years together say that are yet to understand each other completely. Considering that,1year is a very short period. Still i tried my best find out his qualities. Obviously i have accepted them now 🙂

What i looked is his nature, his background in which he grew up and his family members. I felt like with this guy, i will not have to change myself a lot. He is gonna accept me as it is. And there won’t be much need of adjustment. Coz we have grown up in similar kind of backgrounds. And so are our parents. When parents are from same background they try to teach same lessons to their kids. So we are kind of similar families. I just left one parents house and moved to another parents house who love me equally!

Having 2 set of parents is great but both of them living in different homes is… not done… I feel sad when living either of the homes. Both of them expect us to stay longer and don’t want us to leave early. And every time i leave either of the house, they ask me when will i be back 😦 i wish i can buy a biiiiiiig house where we all can stay together!

Rest all things are absolutely fine. As i had thought i really don’t have to change myself. Whatever changes are, they are positive. I have become more responsible, more matured, independent, thoughtful. I do my things on my own. I help others more. I take care of others more 🙂 i laugh more and i smile more. My husband is a nice guy. He keeps on reminding me ‘Don’t take strass‘ His favorite dialogue. One of the best things is, he inspired me to finish my masters which i am so much postponing. I am gonna be so relieved once i am done with this study. After all it is one of the items from my bucket list. And i am glad he is already trying to tick off items from it!
After all he is the one i am going to spend my rest of my life with along with my bucket list!

Now i end this quick update on my life with a quote that i found somewhere on internet. It might help someone to make important choice!


Good luck!

Being married!


My Wedding Day Photo

I wanted to write this post a long time before. And I had already written it twice in my head.
At first it was about my feelings about the new world I am going to live. It was before my marriage. I decided to write it down and auto post on the wedding day. But I just postponed it owing to the course of business going on around me.
Then I got married and I obviously got busy for few days in all the holy rituals that we, a newly wed couple, has to perform.
Then we went to honeymoon to this beautiful place called Phuket! And that was when I decided to add this experience in my post as well. I planned to write down everything that happened so far while returning from Thailand, when I will be bored in the plane. But unfortunately I wasn’t bored. I was tired instead. And I slept in the entire journey.

Then I just kept the thought aside. After a week, today when I resumed my job and I have nothing much to do on my first day so I am writing down all this.

But now I realize that there are so many things that I have to talk about. It is about things before marriage, our then family and now extended family, my hubby, my honeymoon trip and my whole new life and attitude change! And of course my new year resolution!! I really can’t sum it up in one single post. Also mixing all the topics can make it little messy. So I am just publishing this post without giving you much details about anything. The only good it will do is make me a bit satisfied that I at least wrote something… Je commence enfin! 🙂

As soon as I get enough time and peaceful mind I will post something related to above mentioned topics!

Till then… Ciao!