The Movie List

Now that I have all the time on the earth, I have decided to have a movie marathon! It is one of the things from my bucket list. I actually want that there shouldn’t be a single movie that I haven’t seen.

At this point, however, there are lots of movies that I am yet to watch. Some I have seen and left in between. Some I have not at all seen. But I have heard a lot of them from other people. Some I was going to watch in theaters but unfortunately couldn’t find time. So I am going to see them now. Here is the list of the 30 movies that I am going to see first not necessarily in the given order, except that I am going to see Kung fu Panda first.

This is the list of top movies that are on my mind since long time but couldn’t manage to see

1. Kung fu panda 3

Pirates of Caribbean

2. The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
3. Dead Man’s Chest (2006)
4. At World’s End (2007)
5. On Stranger Tides (2011)

6. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Lord of The Rings
7. The Fellowship of the Ring
8. The Two Towers
9. The Return of the King
10. The Hobbit
11. The Godfather
12. SE7en
13. The Usual Suspects
14. Saving Private Ryan
15. Interstellar
16. Gravity
17. Deadpool

18. Gladiator
19. The Prestige
20. Green Zone
21. Inglorious Bastard
22. Superman
23. Captain America – the First Soldier
24. Inside Out
25. Taken
26. The Wolf at the Wall Street
27. The Dew Drop
28. Hangover 3
29. Finding Nemo
30. Grown ups

If you have any suggestions regarding my next list then please let me know. Also If you have seen all these movies, still we can discuss.

Do share your thoughts!

Happiness is….

It happened so that – my brother who is a marine engineer and sails on ship for 6 months, away from home, away from land, happened to meet my husband who has gone to Netherlands for 4 months now for his office work!!!


Cool and Handsome!

They must be together for just 2 to 3 hours but this quick meet between the 2 has made our families, here in India, so happy!
And i was like on the top of the world! 7th heaven or 9th pillar or whatever best one can think of!

This happy moment activated my creativity bud to such an extent that i took a pencil in my hand and drew out my feelings!


I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it!

I think it was an important day of my life!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

Earth is no more land and water. It is buildings and sea. Rivers have already dried up. Ice is melting. Farms lands are used to construct buildings as there is no place for huge population to live.


This is view from my balcony. No nature. Only buildings. This is not just my story. It is everyone’s. And it is sad 😦

Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration


I really love this photo of my mom and me! It make me realize how alike we are!

And yes, I admire my mom a lot! Now that mother’s day is around, I dedicate this post to her!

At my early age, in my childhood, I literally hated her. I hated her for being so strict, for scolding me when I did something wrong, for hitting me for giving back answers or doing some mischief and again hitting me for crying. I hated her for being always right, for finding out my lies, for knowing the real reasons for me not scoring good marks,.

I hated her for not letting me watch TV during study time, for forcing me to study by waking me up early morning. Sometimes not letting me go to play with my other friends as there was some stupid exam coming. She even scolded me when I confessed to her that my exam didn’t go well. And she would not let me sit and cry for the same.

She made me eat all sorts of vegetables that other kids didn’t even know. Even today my colleagues at office wonder after they listen the name of sabji i have in my tiffin. She also forced me to talk to other people who visited our house. Even though I didn’t know them and sometimes I didn’t even like them. But still I had to talk and behave properly or face mom’s fury in the wide eyes. She used to take us(my brother and me) to family functions where we had to face so many unknown relatives! I used to get bored but only for the yummy food there!

My mom also made us read newspapers! OMG! Sometimes it was good as it had tales and stories. But sometimes it really bounced over my head. I mean, why do I need to know this? Then don’t ask in our exams!

It maybe till 17 or 18 yrs of my age that I hated my mom for all these reason. I had even told my school teacher that I don’t understand why she behaves like this. My teacher would only say, “You don’t realize what she is going through.”

Yeah, that’s true. I didn’t realize it then. But as I grew up, I eventually did. Slowly all the pages began to reveal themselves. I understand the meaning behind all the things she did to us or made us do, although they were against our wish. Today I love her way more than I used to hate her once. And I am glad, I understood before it was too late.

I admire the way she taught us all that was need to be taught in spite of having to face our tears and painful face. Sometimes I even said her bad things, which otherwise anybody should not. But still she never backed out of her duty. Life becomes so easy once we have learnt all the things at right time. I also admire her for her knowledge. She reads a lot. And she talks a lot. She has many friends from different professions and different places. She keeps on communicating with them, shares knowledge. She is one huge tree with branches of knowledge widely spread and roots down under. She is never wrong, I tell you. There’s no problem in the world for which she cannot guide you. You just need to be ready to accept her solution. If she warning you, change yourself and if she appreciating you believe yourself. Life is that simple with her 🙂

With the time and age, she has become more calm and warmer. But she is till strong and she is still always right!

I just wanna tell my mom, that I love you. And thank her for all the teachings, love, blessings she has been showering on us from the day we were born. We can definitely not repay them. But we can definitely appreciate them and pass it on to next generation. I would also like to tell her that, now its her turn to listen to us, against her wish, and let us help and take care of her!


This post is my entry for this week’s photo challenge.

My first Facebook page!

Better late than never, they say.

I usually create accounts on different sites only to check out what is all the fuss everyone talking about. But somw how I never felt like having a Facebook page or even checking it out.

But now that I will be going to a new place, a new country all together and probably I am going to have all the time on the earth, I thought of a plan. I am going to go there and click lots of photos and shoot lots of videos and share them on a facebook page for my parents and relatives. And also for anyone else who is interested in it. I don’t mind having more followers than expected 😛 And since I am already getting bored as I mentioned in my last post, I have already learnt and created a page for my this blog! Hurray! It turned out to be quite simple!

I am sharing here a link, just in case if any one reading my blog may need it –

How to create a facebook page???

Don’t worry. The extra question marks are just for the effect.

And here is the link to connect your wordpress blog to facebook page –

How to connect WordPress blog to Facebook page?

While linking, chose properly your Facebook page or it will share the posts on your profile instead of your page.

And now here is link to my page!! Don’t forget to like it!!

My Life into Making

So here ends my first How to page! 😀 I think I just rushed through the details. I am in hurry to publish this post and check it shared on my facebook page!

Wish me luck guys!!

I don’t feel like doing anything!!!!!

Nothing at all!

I mean I just took a break from my profession. I absconded (read as resigned) from my job. I am awaiting my visa so that I can join my husband onsite. I have my final exam of MCA (don’t ask me what is that.)  say within a week. And i dont feel like studying at all. It’s not that I didn’t try but it feels like all my brain cells have closed all their doors and they are not letting a single word to sip in. OMG. What am I having in my food for so many days?

I was bored like hell at my office. So i decided to quit it and concentrate on my studies. At least I will be done with this MCA. But now I don’t even feel like studying. And everytime I feel like enjoying something else like reading books or watching any movie or playing games on mobile suddenly my guilt pops its ugly head, don’t know where it is otherwise. And why isn’t my brain able to find the guilt? At least it will be forced to open some doors out of shame!!

So i fianlly resorted to my this old, untouched blog. The guilt is still following but I am going to ignore it for now. And my blog hasn’t received any hits from a very long time. So, you know, there’s a new guilt that nullifies the old guilt.

Now I am feeling a bit relived. I have decided to start a new page on Facebook and going to attach this blog to it. I don’t know how to do it but I am going to do it. That too today itself, now. Maybe that will make my life more interesting. I should do what is the only thing that is on my mind. I will post about it as well.

Till then, enjoy this song that I found of Bruno Mars while I was trying to google a term for not feeling to do anything!

It really lightened me up!