The sex and the city!


This weekend i had been to my cousin’s place. And i must not forget to mention that she is the one with whom i share a very, very close bond. We like grew up liking same things. Even if we stay distance apart and say if we meet after long we still end up watching same movies or liking same Actor. So my point, we just know what other person gonna like and what the other person is going through or what is other one expecting.

So after went to her i actually vented about lot many things going wrong in my life. They are actually not wrong but like something i hadn’t expected. For instance staying away from my husband for this long. Being unemployed and not wanting to do anything. She listened to all of it and in some cases she did try to comfort me. It didn’t work obviously.

But then she introduced me to this series – ‘The sex and the city’. She told me i am gonna Like it and that the protagonist is a writer. Well, that sounds cool and we saw 1st episode of 1st season. Although i was quite sleepy that time i started watching it after coming back home. And i am hooked. I am going to finish off the first season today itself!


Now about the serial. I loved all the 4 ladies. Although i would like to be like Carrie i think i am more like Charlotte. After watching Carrie i feel like yes i should too write a column or like on particular topic once week and of course with some research. I also noticed that she looks very attractive when she puts her make up and gets ready to go out while otherwise she looks quite ordinary. It makes me think that i also need to be ready to look little pretty that is i need to take care my self more than i do now. Especially after getting married and now that my hubby is not even around and i am unemployed i have really become careless. I am actually losing interest in things. Maybe going over to parents place might help me a bit. Because i am unemployed and saving all my Money for the time when i will join my husband i am not even able to shop. But i am still going to get something for me this weekend. It really helps, the shopping therapy.


Also i have decided to read this book – the sex and The city. I haven’t read a good book like in years.

Maybe i will get some good topic to write about. Or i think of writing a fictional story. I have always thought of what if my husband and i would have had love marriage instead of arranged? How we would have met? Who would have asked? And so on. Maybe that will be interesting! Or do you have a better idea? What do you think? Let me know!

Weekly Discover Challenge – Adventure!

Adventure, for me is living life by my own. With my husband. In our house. Building our house, taking our own decisions. Living with those decisions.

Adventure is earning money, spending it wisely, saving some for future. It is managing our budget and planning.

Adventure is learning new language, studying it, being able to read, write and speak a new language.

Adventure is learning to drive a 4 wheeler, knowing ABC, to leave And hold the clutch, to raise the accelerator slowly without jerks!

Adventure is buying weird, not so matching clothes, putting them together to make new fashion and wearing it in public!

Adventure is watching Game of thrones for the first time!!!

Adventure is buying electronic gadgets by our own knowledge 🙂 for self or for our loved ones!!

Adventure is planning a trip with my cousin and going to the trip, just 2 of us!

Adventure is taking a project different and bigger than something we have did before, following all stages of its life cycle and making it a success!!

This challenge is really cool! It made me re-discover meaning of ADVENTURE!

Say No to Mobile Phone!

I have realized that I am wasting too much of my time and most important of all, my energy in using my mobile phone.

Time, I any way have ample of it. But energy? I have enough but it soon turns into either positive or negative depending upon my use. This is what leads to mood swings.

Do I sound confusing? Let me make it clear now. It often happens that whenever I go anywhere out, out of my house for any work or anything else, whenever I get some free time, I peep into my mobile. I might not have received any message or any notification or any comment or any like. But I will still go and check all the places on this earth my mobile to check if I have received any updates. And this is not just after we started having whatsapp and facebook on our mobiles. It started way before that. When I used to check mails on my mobile. And I used to chat through mobile.Whatsapp and facebook and instagram and twitter just made it more easy for me to use up my mobile data.


I feel this is so not healthy. It not only distracts me of the work I am doing, but it makes me more frustrated when I dont have any messages. Most of the time I expect people to reply immediately. And when they don’t, I keep on making random assumptions till the time they reply. This again causes further distraction. Final conclusion is I dont give my 100% in the work I am supposed to do plus some negative thoughts on why the person didn’t reply. Of course, of course not every one has ample of time like I do! I must know!

I have learnt that my husband never sees his phone when he is out. His phone will stay in his pocket all the time. He will only hold his phone in his hand if and only if he gets a call or he needs to call some one. Or he might use it for GPS. And when he does this, he will not, even by mistake, bother to check any of the messengers to see if he has received any messages or anything. NOT EVEN MINE!! I don’t know how he can do this. That’s why he is so focused. Even in his work. I like it though.

And that’s why I am so less focused. I should learn to keep myself away from mobile. And I am going to do that from now. It will also make me feel very important like when people will message me and I will not even check there messages because I will be busy doing something else. I wont waste my time in mobile. It is actually very difficult for me to do.

But I am going to do it. No mobile phones when I am in middle of some work! This is definitely going to improve my efficiency!

What do you think? Can you keep yourself from checking your phone? how do you manage it??? Do share! It might help me!