Dreams come with price tags!

Finally I am glad to be in Netherlands, to be with my husband!! After a long distance of so many miles for around 5 months, it’s good to see him in person (unlike on video chats and in photos)


I amsterdam

I amsterdam

Plus Amsterdam is indeed a very beautiful place. And weather her is so pleasant. Being from Mumbai, I am not used to so calm and cool environment. Also, there is very little traffic on the roads and people very properly follow the rules. There is a separate lane for cycles. While walking, people make use of footpaths which is very rarely in seen in India. And even if some one is stranger, they will greet you with a smile, it is a really good practice. Overall, it generates a feel good factor.

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Best of both worlds!!

Today was a normal day. I was doing my daily chores and all of a sudden an old song came to my mind and in no time I began humming it.

You get the best of both worlds,
Chill it out, take it slow,
Then you rock out the show.
Mix it all together
And you know
That it’s the best of both worlds!

The title track of the show Hannah Montana! Whoo! It is one of my favorite shows that i grew up watching. And i still wish they will air it again and i can watch it like always! It was not just about the teen popstar who lived 2 lives but also about friendship, about parents, about living our lives and above all it was a comedy drama! My brother and I loved the part of Jackson, Recco and Billy Ray Stuart!

Before, i thought of sharing this on fb as my status, feeling nostalgic and a link to this song. Then a thought visited my mind. Why shouldn’t i share it on my blog as well? I haven’t been here since long, long time. And so, here I am! I am sharing links to some of my favorite Miley Cyrus songs, who played the role of Hanna Montana aka Miley Stuart!

The Rockstar

The bone dance-

Make some noise!

The Climb –  from Hannah Montana the movie!

Who said

Party in the USA

7 things

She was 12 something when she started as Hanna Montana, and she is still a Popstar! She was like with me in every phase of my life. And she still there as i grow up 🙂

Wrecking ball!

I lover her even today. Although i just cant imitate her clothes, which i did otherwise 🙂

Keep going Miley! Time is on your side!!