Marathon Survivors!! – Part 1

Sometime in July 2016
My hubby : Hey we have marathon in October. I have enrolled both our names.
Me : That’s great! We are going to run marathon for first time!! How long is it?
Hubby : 8 km. It will be on 16th October.
Me : Oh nice. Lot of time for practice.

1st September 2016
Me: I need to practice for this marathon or I wont be able to complete it.
Hubby : So you are going to run daily?
Me : Yeah I will have to. It’s one of my things from the list you know?- to run a marathon.
Hubby : Take it easy girl or your legs will pain.

Me : (Searches on internet – ‘How to prepare for marathon.’ And finds 1 month plan for getting trained to run a marathon)


2nd September 2016
Me : (Follows day 1 plan from the training. And tells husband after he is back from office)  I went for running today. I am feeling good, I am feeling fresh.
Hubby : (Bit surprised) How far did you run? Your legs aren’t paining, right?
Me: No, not at all. I went 2 miles (I learnt that 1.6 km=1 mile). But not all of it is running. Partly walking partly running.  So chill 🙂 (Dreams of running and completing marathon in time)

3rd September 2016
Me : (Gets mail from a consultancy where I had applied for job. They give me an assignment and I have to finish it within 7 days. Slogs to complete the assignment for next 7 days.)

10th September 2016
Me : Now my period date is close. I will do it once it is over. Anyway it is 1 month’s plan. I can start from 16th. No problem.

20th September 2016
Me : Oh man it is damn cold outside! (I am in Netherlands) How am I suppose to run.
Hubby : The marathon is also going to be in similar kind of weather, that too in the morning.
Me : Oooh! How are we going to do it?

Till 12th October 2016
Me : (Forgets about the Marathon) I think I will have to let it go 😐

13th October 2016
Hubby : Hey we have received mail to collects our t-shirts and numbers for marathon.
Me : Oh good! That means we will at least get a new t-shirt! I hope they get one with correct size! (Talks nothing about the marathon)

14th October 2016
Hubby : Check out I got our t-shirts.
Me : Cool colors! Yours and mine is different.
Hubby : Lets try it.
Me : We will try later.
Hubby : Do it now. It will just take couple of seconds.
(Both of us wear our t-shirts, check out in mirror and feel good)
Hubby : Thank God that I lost my extra weight and my belly fat. Otherwise it would have been quite demoralizing.
Me : True that! (thinks I have lost some fat bags too!!)

15th October 2016
Me : (Tells everyone about marathon.) We have marathon tomorrow. 8 km. They have given us t-shirts as well.
Everyone : Oh nice. So you are going to go and run in the marathon.
Me : Not sure. We are planning to go but it depends on weather. How are we suppose to run if it’s too cold? Plus it is raining today. Don’t know how the weather is going to be.
Everyone : It is raining? In winter? It must be really cold.
Me : yeah.. It’s something 8-9 degrees. (Continues to talk about weather…)

16th October 2016
To be continued….


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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