Trip to Barcelona!

It was just in my last post that I said I am not a travel person, right? And now I am talking about trip to Barcelona that too with an exclamation ‘!’

Well, it was in this trip that I realised that I am not-that-completely-not-a-travel-person. There are certain aspects of travel that I enjoy and certain that I don’t.

So, we had planned a 3 day trip to Barca. And honestly speaking on first day itself I was so bored and I was actually terrified by the thought of staying there for 2 more days! It was just 2 of us, my husband and me. And as I figured, my husband too was bored on the first day.

Perhaps it was due to lack rest or early morning travelling. Can’t really say. But as we started wandering along the lanes of Barcelona, we started enjoying it. Luckily, our hotel was in the heart of the city, near the La Rambla, thanks to my hubby! We could see the vegetable+fruits+fish+beef+unkown non vegetarian food market, street vendors and hookers just as we see in India. In fact we also saw how police raided the streets at night and all vendors just gathered their stuff and vanished. To our surprise, there were many Indians not only own the shops but there were also Indian vendors selling souvenirs or even bear on beach side. We saw quite a few metro stations of Barcelona. We roamed around the streets of famous Catalunya from ZNMD. And what not. This part is the one that we enjoyed a lot. Being with the locals. If we wish to know any place, then we have to know the locals first. And so, I can definitely say that Barcelona is gonna stay with for a life time now 🙂

The places we saw in Barcelona –

  1. The Sagrada Familia
  2. Sant Pau Recinte Modernista
  3. Went to Castle Montjuic by cable car



4. Montjuic Castle




5. Montjuic Parc

6. FCB ground + Museum




7.  Beach


8. Catherdral

9. History Museum



We still missed some of the important locations like – Torre Agbar, Parc Guell, Arc de triomph and an aquarium. Nevertheless, we are satisfied by the trip.

How did we travel in the city?

We can get different types of passes that allow us to use public transport. We took a 10 euro pass T10 that allows us to travel by metro or bus for 10 times. It is valid for any number of days. Every time we travel by bus or metro it gets stamped on our card.
There is also a tourist bus that take us to all the tourist locations.
As we preferred to walk some times between different locations, we could manage in 10 travels for 3 days.
Also there are free wifis at many places so we can trace the route easy.
There is a special bus between airport and Catalunya and back. Travel cost for this bus is not included in T10 pass.

What did we eat?

Because we are eggeterian and not non-vegetarian, we knew we wont have much option for food available. So we  had taken some snacks with us. But there are lot of cafeterias and McDs and Subways. Also there’s Walk to Wok where we can have yummy noodles!


What language do people speak?

Good amount of people know English. But of course Spanish is their language. Some of them also speak French. There some Indians as well so you definitely find our gaav vaala asking us – Kaise ho sahab? 🙂

How large is Indian community?

Not that large, but still I was surprised. I mean, they are not like us – software engineers working on client side. They actually had shops selling souvenirs or shoes or some local products. There were Indian hawkers selling selfie sticks and on beach side they were selling mats like they do at Chowpatti! Well, they were also selling some bear, which they were claiming to No 1. (That was bit humiliating :'() But it is good to see some known faces.

If I have to compare with Amsterdam, Barcelona was more crowded, little dirty than here but it felt more like home for us. It kind of gave Indian feel. The metros too, were not that sophisticated. Although the infrastructure didn’t cause any incovinience.

That’s all about Barcelona. However, there are still many photos that I want to share. So keep looking!

And by the way, did you go to any trip? I wanna know!!


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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  1. That’s so food looking pics. Especially the cathedral. It’s been a while I went on long trips. Would love to though ☺


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