1st Wedding Anniversary!

Sometimes it feels like we have been married for years
And sometime it feels like we are 2 friends who are just living together

I am glad that we reached this point so soon where
We don’t misunderstand each other
We don’t have to ask for space
We know that it’s not that you don’t care

They say ‘don’t get married until you are settled in life’
‘Don’t be in a relationship until you are settled’, they never say
I think marriage is just a name given to a relationship
And I am fortunate to have you as my better half!

‘Better half’
How an apt title for you…
Because when you are with me, I am better than what I am.

I never thought I would love anyone as much as I love my folks or I can still be equally happy when I am with someone else.
But I do now.
And you never make me feel lonely.

I am glad, I could find the right words to put down my feelings.



I had some free time at my hand, so i planted a couple of garlic cloves in a small vase. Considering the health benefits of the garlic, i thought why not try to grow them at home?

So i searched videos on YouTube on how to do that, and here they are. Two wonderful stems growing tall!

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Being Married


This is a very touching letter written by Rani Mukeri Chopra.

But I think a woman starts changing right from the time she gets married. I don’t know about these actors, but at least the common women like me. Most of the times we are left all alone to do all sort of work, all by ourselves. We have to cook for our family, we have to decide the menu, it should be healthy as well as tasty, it shouldn’t be boring, we have to work hard to keep our house clean, we have to see if dishes are done, if there are cleaned cloths for tomorrow, not just for our self but at least for one more person.

From being all by my own on a tour to all by my own in raising a family, we change a lot. We become tolerant, calm, patient, forgiving, everything. Because we can’t really find the strength and time to stand up for all these things that don’t matter much.

It’s only when we hit the balance after some months or maybe years, we start discovering us again.We realize how we have changed and what new things we have learnt and experienced. Most of them are good. We surprise ourselves. We never had thought we could come that far, that we can actually put someone else before us and that we had so much strength and energy to put all the negativity behind and make things better.

And then we feel proud of overselves. We understand why people worship Goddesses and how we indeed have a part of each of them in us. 🙂

What do you think, married women out there? I want to know.

Raining Movies!!!

I have always been fond of movies. Why should one not be? They take us to a different world all together, a world of imagination. And especially when I was introduced to Hollywood, I realized, this imagination knows no bounds!

In past of couple of years though, I got too busy with my life and I couldn’t actually make a plan to watch the movies. I even made a list of movies which I thought I must watch but I just couldn’t find the time.

But now I say, f**k the list 😀

Because we (husband and I) took a pass to our nearby theater and we can now watch unlimited movies!!!!!!!! We have decided to watch all the upcoming movies, except the ghost movies, I don’t really like them. but my husband does, so I am not really sure if we are completely going to boycott them 😦

We have already seen 3 movies – Kahaani 2, Inferno and The Accountant. And there are 3 more planned for this weekend – Befikre, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them(IMAX) and Arrival!

I love the way things are turning out. I would wonder if I could ever get addicted to something. I mean, I wanted to see how it is to live a life completely in control of something else, like alcohol or smoking. But till now, I couldn’t dare to drink a thing that is highly alcoholic or I havent smoked even once. Now I think, why do I have to get addicted to these things when I can get addicted to watching movies? And it is not even that harmful, isn’t it? 😀

We come back from office, have dinner and then go the theater 😀 this is the best thing I can ask for. And since it is getting colder, we would rather sit in a cinema hall than to wander in the cool lanes of Amsterdam.

It is also one of things from my bucket list, to watch lots and lots of movies!!

What do you say? Do you enjoy watching movies? Which one is your favorite? What genre do you like? With whom do you prefer to watch movies? Do share! I wanna know!

Ice Skating!

Last weekend my husband and I went to a nearby market to get him a nice, warm jacket. It is really getting cold here and after a lot of persuasion he agreed to get one jacket for himself. I already have a good one. 

So we went to this market and to our surprise, there was an ice skating event organised there, in the center of the market!!

There were mainly kids but there were also some adults gliding on the artificial ice platform. So we decided, once we are done with the shopping, we will also give it a try!
We took two tickets and we put on the shoes. We had some problem trying to fit in those weird shoes but we some how did it (although we weren’t sure about how to get out of them!)

It was definitely not a cake walk. I have tried normal skating on the road side when I was a kid but I am not an expert. And ice skating is way different and difficult than that. But slowly and steadily, i could do it!! Yay!! You can see in the video below!

There were kids throwing ice on each other, bumping into each other, falling down, laughing loudly! The atmosphere was so cheerful and festive! I didn’t know dutch keeds were so naughty!!

We also made new friends. We met an Indian couple who offered to help us. The lady held my hands as a support so that i can glide without the fear of falling 🙂

Alas, my husband slipped and fell right in the entrance and he lost all the confidence. He chose to stand in the corner and take videos and photos and help me skate!

I wish to go their this weekend again and practice it a little more. Also, try if I can encourage my hubby to skate :p