I had some free time at my hand, so i planted a couple of garlic cloves in a small vase. Considering the health benefits of the garlic, i thought why not try to grow them at home?

So i searched videos on YouTube on how to do that, and here they are. Two wonderful stems growing tall!

I am wondering if the cloves have started to develop at the roots. At least that is what i am expecting. But my mom says these plant will bear flowers and then we will get seeds. And i will have to plant those seeds again. Is it? I will not know unless there comes a flower 😉 Till then i can cut the leaves and use them in cooking for the garlic flavor.

After going home, back to India, i have decided to grow at least some simple vegetables like tomatos, corriander, garlic, bitter gourd etc at home. Maybe it can turn out to be a new hobby!

So, have you planted anything? Are you planning to? Or do you have some other hobby? I would love to know! Do share 🙂

This was my entry to the weekly photo challenge.


3 thoughts on “Anticipation!

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    • The pot is actually small considering the measurements they mentioned on various videos on YouTube. But i didn’t have anything else. But ya, let’s hope it turns good 🙂


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