The Starks


Rickon had refused to come down. He was up in his chamber, red-eyed and defiant. “No!” he’d screamed when Bran has asked if he didn’t want to say farewell to Robb. “No farewell”

“I told him,” Bran said. “He says, no one ever comes back.”

Robb Stark is 15 years old, who has called all his bannermen, the armies of the lords from the North, and is marching a war against the king in the south because they have imprisoned his father. His brother Bran is just 7 and is now going to be the lord of Winterfell, their kingdom, in absence of his father and older brother. Their younger brother, Rickon, is 3 and in complete state of denial. All of them, his brothers, sisters, mother and father, have gone to different places. And they are not coming back.

While I was watching Game of Thrones TV series, I had completely neglected all the other Starks but Ned and Jon. Ned because of his honor, and Jon, because he is a bastard, the poor fellow without love of parents. But as I finished reading the first book, I could read through every ones mind and I realized, that all the Starks had their piece of plight. And the fact that they are so young makes my heart ache for them even more.

Because their father is in captive under false allegation, Robb has no other option but to announce a war against the ruling king. Till yesterday, he was practicing with a wooden sword and today, he has to lead an army of 18,000 soldiers. Leading them means making every one of them believe that he is no more a kid of 15, but a lord, all grown up and responsible, capable of taking right decisions, and being just to every life that will be lost in the battle.

I wish father was here.

Bran couldn’t agree more with Robb. Robb was scared and yet he had donned the face of a brave man.

I don’t want to go. But I have to go.” He would say.

Bran didn’t know how he was going to be the lord of Winterfell, when he couldn’t even walk on his own. He could hear people murmur about him being a crippled lordling. With all his dreams of three-eyed raven that no one could comprehend, he must be wondering what is happening with their lives. “You cannot walk, but you can fly!” The raven would tell him in his dream. But how? Nobody knew.

Bran also had to take care of little Rickon. Since the day Bran had fallen from tower, he was in coma. And their lady mother was in a trauma. She sat beside him day and night, praying to Gods, to keep him alive. Their father had gone to kings land with thier sisters to protect the then king, who was dead now. Rickon would just wander on his own, not knowing what to do. He would follow Robb wherever he would go. Even Robb didn’t know how to console him. When their mother was out of the shock, she too had to go to king’s land to meet their father. She hasn’t come back either. And now Robb is going too.

No one ever comes back!” He knew it well.

But they didn’t want to. They had to.




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I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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