Arty Crafty Wednesday!

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A bad hair day!

“You may ignore us, you may not take care of us. You may not even let us look in the mirror for days. But how dare you decide our boundaries?? How dare you set our limits?”


“Don’t act innocent. We know you did it deliberately. Just to save your work. So that you can lay in your bed for some more time. You can just spend you Sunday as a holiday and not as a HAIR-WASH-DAY. And you don’t have to always think about what you have to do with us? And mainly because you knew your mother wont like it.”

You really think that’s the reason?

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Focus shift!

I realized that I have totally ignored my List, the soul purpose of starting this blog.

I just got carried away for some reason. And now I think I should focus back on my bucket list.


Only interesting update about the list is – I could strike off one thing!! That is completing a marathon!!! *applauds and whistles and drums*

1 out of 40.

And yet I have not given up on my list. I think deserves all the applauds and whistles and drums!!

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Speak Out!

Pune: Woman techie murdered on Infosys campus, police arrest security guard

As I read this news, again and again, over and over, I couldn’t help but think – this could have been me.

Couple of years ago, I too was 24-25, working in a well-known, MNC, IT firm, with security guards 24 hrs. But I still didn’t feel safe.

There were 4 buildings of 4 floors in my campus. My desk was on 2nd floor in one of those buildings. And there was a security guard on each floor, working in shifts. So at a time, there would be at least 16 security guards inside the buildings with an extra bunch of them on the main gate, surveilling the visitors and vehicles. Around 3000 employees working in the general shift. And I still didn’t feel safe.


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