Speak Out!

Pune: Woman techie murdered on Infosys campus, police arrest security guard

As I read this news, again and again, over and over, I couldn’t help but think – this could have been me.

Couple of years ago, I too was 24-25, working in a well-known, MNC, IT firm, with security guards 24 hrs. But I still didn’t feel safe.

There were 4 buildings of 4 floors in my campus. My desk was on 2nd floor in one of those buildings. And there was a security guard on each floor, working in shifts. So at a time, there would be at least 16 security guards inside the buildings with an extra bunch of them on the main gate, surveilling the visitors and vehicles. Around 3000 employees working in the general shift. And I still didn’t feel safe.


There was a male security guard on the ground floor of my building. Every time I would pass by, he would start whistling or singing songs. And so subtly that no one else would realize his change in behavior. I could understand his intentions just by one-look-in-his-eyes. Even while writing this post, I can feel that vulgar look, I feel like I was getting raped, every time I passed by. It would happen minimum 4 times a day. And it was enough for me to start hating my office, and not want to go there everyday, just to avoid that creature.

I am not a strong girl, I know. I couldn’t give him a bold look and shut his mouth. Forget about making noise and grabbing attention of others to his behavior. I didn’t even dare to tell this to anyone for long time. I wanted to tell this to my mom at least, but I didn’t. I knew what she was going to tell me, I knew she was going to tell me to act and complain and I know that is right. But I just didn’t have the courage. I don’t know if I have it now either.

There was a lady security guard on my floor. And luckily we would get along well. But I was hesitant to tell her. What if the guy is her friend? What if she didn’t believe me? What if it turned back on me? I don’t know how long I bared those poking eyes, but one day at last, I told her. I told her that guard on the ground floor looks at me weirdly and I don’t like it.

Well, thankfully, she too was against him for some reason. She said there are many complaints against him already. And she immediately made a call to her senior right in front of me and told them about my complain. She didn’t disclose my identity as I told her I was scared.

Within few days, he was removed from the office and I didn’t see him ever again.

I got lucky. But this poor girl from the news report didn’t 😦

I ask Why??

I think there is something completely wrong with people’s mentality. It is totally flawed. And it has to be uprooted. But I don’t know how. I just sit at my desk.

Frightened. Sorry. Worried.

But Why???

None of this is fiction. And my mom still don’t know about it. But I will share this post with her. Just to let her know, that her daughter dared to complain, some how, a little late maybe, and she survived. Not that brave though. Thanks daily post for this topic.


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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6 Responses to Speak Out!

  1. I don’t know what’s worse that we have to endure this kind of shit once or keep having to live with it daily. 😦 And I am so glad you finally made the complaint. Well done, really. I know its so hard to finally gather the courage to do something after you are so afraid.


    • Dhanashree says:

      Ya. I mean there were other complaints against him too. So maybe my complaint was a final push for the authorities to take action against him. I should have done this before maybe. Nevertheless i was so relieved to not to have to go through that dirty scanner anymore. Eew!


  2. Naomi Byrnes says:

    Thank you so much for speaking out. If you can face it, I highly recommend the documentary “India’s Daughter”. It moved me so deeply, hearing a nation grapple with something which actually is a shared challenge for all humanity: to transform a culture of punishment into one of deep understanding, healing and shared responsibility for choosing words that make it clear that violence is never okay.


  3. Priya says:

    Hi Dhanashree,

    I would like to invite you to publish a guest post on IHM’s.

    Would it be okay with you to publish this post of yours – on IHM’s blog? This post is very relevant – women need to be safe in public spaces and the right to work in safe spaces.

    If yes, could you update it – add any current thoughts/feelingsopinions – or info – how is the safety now? – or – what would you have done now compared to before? – also if you could add some questions at the end for readers – like what safety issues are they facing and would do they do to stay safe?

    Please email your updated post to wordssetmefreee@outlook.com
    Thank you and I hope you be okay to share this!


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