Focus shift!

I realized that I have totally ignored my List, the soul purpose of starting this blog.

I just got carried away for some reason. And now I think I should focus back on my bucket list.


Only interesting update about the list is – I could strike off one thing!! That is completing a marathon!!! *applauds and whistles and drums*

1 out of 40.

And yet I have not given up on my list. I think deserves all the applauds and whistles and drums!!

Now my plan is, I am going to concentrate on things that I can strike off right away.And I can see 9 such things –

  1. Learn proper English – I have already started speaking in English with my hubby at home so that it will start the process of thinking in English and give me a grip over general, day-to-day discussions.
  2. Learn some French songs by heart – I know some french songs, but I have totally kind of given up on the music thing. I have got so busy with my life that I don’t even play music on my mobile anymore. And even though I put my headphones, my thoughts are wandering somewhere. But I know, I love music. And I need to get out of my boring routing. So I am going to try some new French songs. Download on my mobile. And just to keep myself going, I will share a new French song every Friday. At least say for next 5 Fridays. Sounds interesting, right?
  3. Learn rap songs by heart – I saw 8 miles and I became fan of Eminem. I think the movie is not that captivating, but I feel it is so cool to be ablt to make a rap song and sing it like a boss! Wait.. Hold On.. My goal is not to write a rap song but to learn it by heart, otherwise it will take quite a life to be able to do that!
  4. Spend at least one continuous year without fighting/arguing with mom – It is hard to believe, but I haven’t fought with mom for 4 months now! And I have found a key to this 😀 So I am going to continue to do that.
  5. Read lots of books, read all the good English classics – I am very slow in this area. Plus I don’t have that easy access to English books here. Although I can get eBooks but I don’t prefer that form for reading. I just finished reading Game Of Thrones, first book from ASOIF and I loved it. I am going to read it again. And I think I should share some of the quotes, or text from the book on this blog, just a form to appreciate the eloquence of the  writer. So, every Monday, I will post something from Game of Thrones book, till I reach the end.
  6. Watch lots of movies – I am indeed doing that.
  7. Write reviews of movies – Check this page!
  8. Learn to draw/ paint – I tried my hands on drawing. But I just left it in the middle. So I am going to try again. I will try some very simple drawings, taught on YouTube kids channels and brag it on my blog every Wednesday!
  9. Be an influential person at least within my family, group of people I know – I am far away from my family, but I do work. And that’s where I can try to better my personality. I will keep updated whenever anything interesting, positive happens in this area 🙂

Hey look! I already got prompts for my blog! I mean I going to post 3 times in a week!! Cool. Lets hope I succeed!!


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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8 Responses to Focus shift!

  1. Kelley says:

    For your rap journey I recommend J cole, Jay-z even Kanye. A lot of their songs are stories and not just bragging. And of course I would suggest Drake because ❤️❤️

    And based on your writing, your English seems quite proper. But being able to edit a blog and speak in real time would have a difference I guess. I mean my 1st language is my Caribbean dialect.


    • Dhanashree says:

      I just started listening to Energy by Drake!! ❤ I love that song.
      And yeah, writing a blog and being able to speak is a bit different. I need to work on both the things. I feel I don't use different words while writing, which I can do only when I will have a strong grip on vocabulary. And I lack confidence when it comes to speaking.
      Just wanted to know, do you also speak Dutch?


      • Kelley says:

        You should speak with confidence girl. Especially since English isn’t your first language. In my opinion you seem to have a pretty good grip. Just keep practicing. And watching movies and listening to music will help. And no, I don’t speak Dutch. Although I would love to learn a foreign language. I’m a bit undisciplined tho. 🙂


      • Dhanashree says:

        Thanks for the encouraging words!!
        I asked about Dutch because i recently moved to Holland and I learnt that some parts in Caribbean comes under Dutch government. Didn’t Google about it though.


      • Kelley says:

        We speak English here but our history was more Spanish, British, French, Indian and African. We also had Chinese and Syrians. The Dutch reign was short-lived in my country. I’m not quite sure about the other islands. I also believe Spanish is our second language. But its really rare hearing another language although we do have Chinese, Indian and Spanish visitors/immigrants.


      • Dhanashree says:

        Wow! That’s sounds interesting!


      • Kelley says:

        Yeah it’s really diverse here, a lot of culture, a lot of public holidays 😀

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      • Dhanashree says:

        Haha! Ya holidays are important!!

        Liked by 1 person

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