Arty Crafty Wednesday


The best thing I liked about this drawing is the hot steam coming from the cups :p

Arty Crafty Wednesday

Last weekend, I began to question my motive behind trying to learn to draw. I have added it as one of my items in the bucket list, but why? Why do I think I should be able to draw?

  1. I want to impress my nieces. There father is into drawing, and so I know, they both are interested in it too. And I don’t want to be left out tomorrow, when they will grow up and discuss all the arts and other things. I want to be a cool aunt!
  2. I see so many artists, paintersĀ who present their thoughts through art. And that is where I think I lack. I agree that I express my thoughts through words, but I always feel the need to support my posts with some pictures. I do use images that I find on google. But I want to keep it more customized or authentic or more original. And I cannot depend on some one else to draw things for me.

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I have already written a post on this topic before, and I feel like writing something about it again.

Especially now, when people are being so vocal about these things, I don’t think there is any point in holding myself back.

So… I have read some posts by my fellow bloggers where they have opposed theĀ allegations against women of being less productive during this time of the month. And I disagree. I don’t want to pretend that nothing happens to me when I am on periods. I really feel low at times. I feel dizzy and weak due to loss of blood and their is hell lot of pain in my back and legs. I even get cramps. I don’t feel like getting out of my bed. And sometimes I change my pads only because I don’t have other option. I know women who suffer worse than this. Some have gases, indigestion, stomach ache. Some have their menstrual cycle a week long while those who have irregular cycles can have it even longer.

I think this is absolutely natural. I don’t do it on purpose. The mood swings, the pain, both are a result of hormonal changes. They are as natural as men’s moustache or beard.

Almost every woman bear this pain every month. If I have to give statistics, I will say 9 out of 10 women have the pain. I will go ahead and accept that we also wish to take leaves instead of commuting a long distance journey just to be called ‘non productive’.

I wish somebody could explain the sanitary napkin advertisement directors/writers that blood spilling out is not the only problem we have. It is just one of them. And no matter how much blood your pads can absorb, we never wear white pants during periods. Not out of fear but out of love for those pants.(Or do both the things mean same? I don’t know, I am on my periods!!)

My point is, just from these 4 days, you can’t conclude that we are less productive in our work. Sometimes the first 2 days(toughest!!) fall on the weekends as well! And even if you consider those 4 days as non productive, i can still show you some men who in spite of “being men” are not productive for 4 days of every week.

Coming straight to the point, I agree that we might not be that efficient at times, due to natural reasons, but we(everyone who is otherwise productive) do give our Ā 100% for the rest of the month and if you consider it’s gross total it will still be more than 100% of the entire months of many other people. Again, we cannot deny the fact that there are women who, in spite of the pain, work equally hard and give their best every day.

Now if you think this post of mine is useless, non worthy and not my best because I am feeling down, then let me tell you, it is still better than many of my other posts which I had written when I was absolutely normal. And you can find many other bloggers irrespective of male or female write better or worse than me.

I think I have made my point here!!


Elections in Netherlands

“You can ask Dutch people anything, except their salary and politics”

That was a friendly advice my colleague gave me when we were discussing Dutch people.

Just 2 days ago, there were national elections in Netherlands. And the day seemed to be as normal as any other day. Nobody discussing anything, nobody coming late or leaving early for voting, nobody busy in their mobiles or checking news.

Having witnessed 2014 elections in India, this was totally unexpected for me. I wouldn’t have known there are elections unless one of the colleagues would have told me so. I was little apprehensive to inquire moreĀ because of that friendly advice I had received. So I started with some general questions.

The Dutch go for election after every 4 years. They don’t have a leave or a half day leave for voting. This is because the voting is open for long time, from 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening! And there are many places where they can vote. ConsideringĀ the very small population they have, I think it should be very comforting.

They still use paper ballot. While they are so technically advanced in every other thing, they don’t seem to trust technology when it comes to EVMs. In last election they did try to bring the machines but immediately gave up for the next one.

Most of the campaigning happens online. See, they don’t think that they won’t make an impact unless they make a public appearance. However, they participate inĀ debates on TV channels. They also circulate pamphlets, but only in the crowded places. I didn’t get a single of those.


If I had chance, I would have voted this guy! He is not just cute but he also got elected in Amsterdam!

The counting begins immediately after 9 pm and the first result is declared in 5 minutes! That too without machines!! By the timeĀ I was in office next day, the results were already out! Ha! And still nobody discussed anything about it!

It is kind of exactly opposite of what happens in India.

We have heated discussions about politics and some may even choose to stay away from their close friends who disagree with them. And after 3 years of election, we still continue to have same arguments. When my friends’ party (it means the party that he supported) won in national elections, they had small celebration and they sent me photos to tease. In the next state election, when my party (obviously, the party that I supported) won, I too celebrated by cutting a cake!

Campaigning happens both online and in public. But we need both types to appeal different genre of people. There are rallies held in open public areas,(but never a debate in public) prime minister candidates never face each other in public. The public attendance in these rallies is used as a major toĀ guess the leader’s popularity.

We use EVMs. We trust machines more than people šŸ˜› In spite of using machines, there are ways in which we can cheat. So many names go missing from the voters list every time. So many names appear. I don’t know details, but I think Dutch elections are more fare than Indian elections. And considering our population, it is not feasible that we don’t go for paper and pen elections. But it still take some time to count the votes.

I will do like to mention here that, although many things here support the advice I got, one of myĀ another colleagues actually revealed me who he was going to vote for! And he is also source of most of the information that he shared. In India, on the contrary, we might be shouting from the rooftops who we support, yet, when someone asks us on the voting day “Who did you vote for?” we will always reply, “Sorry, we shouldn’t reveal that.”

Arty Craft Wednesday

Last week I told you, I don’t have proper coloring equipment. And this week I lost my black marker as well!! šŸ˜„
So I had to use brown pen instead. But then I used my insta skills to make those drawings ‘look’ better šŸ˜›

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Arty Crafty Wednesday!

As you can see in the image, I don’t have good quality of colors, wax, crayons or postal or sketch pens or nothing. This is because I thought I wont continue with my new hobby. So I thought of making my drawing look better by distracting the viewers šŸ˜› Forgive me for that, because I realize that I have totally failed in doing so šŸ˜€


But you can try it yourself and make the peacock look more beautiful and realistic! Here is the link –

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