Arty Crafty Wednesday

So finally I have brought colors for myself!!

And here I am sharing my latest colored drawing –

My thoughts in my drawing!

My thoughts in my drawing!

I know it’s kind of not perfect and more of a free hand. In fact it is a proof that I lack so much perfection. But I think perfection will come with practice. Right now i just want to let my hands move freely, a bit confidently. And most importantly, I want to have fun.

As I must have said before, I am glad that I feel like drawing something rather than just giving up because I know I don’t draw that well.

This is the kind of drawing that I want to be able to draw. A drawing that displays my thoughts. I can use this drawing in a post where i tell how much I am addicted to my mobile and how I need all these different apps to survive.

Maybe I could have been more patient and drawn it a bit properly. Say I am not good in drawing human figures, but I could have at least drawn the logos correctly. But at this point, I lack patience. And it is one area that needs improvement.

So tomorrow, after I have practiced little more drawings, gained some patience and some perfection, I will use this drawing as a reference to how far I have come πŸ™‚

Enough of the explanation I guess. I wanted to tell about my new colors as well. But then the post will become too boring. So that will be in the next post.


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