Arty Crafty Wednesday

After my last disastrous performance, I realized that if I know I am not perfect at something, I need to work on it if I really want to improve it. And so I began to work hard, I draw and I redraw a girl holding mobile phone. I drew all the logos hundred times till they resembled the actual ones. And just like all the hard work pays off, this paid back too!

Well, I wished whatever I wrote above was true 😦

When I thought of my last drawing, it was actually from my imagination. It wasn’t something I had seen somewhere and copied. Although the logos were, but the girl wasn’t. So instead of just trying to draw the girl better by looking at my old drawing, I googled – drawing of a girl holding something/mobile in hand. Out of the results, I tried to draw a few of them.

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I feel that these ladies are still better than the last one. I cant deny that they are indeed cartoon-ish, but they are still better. And I still have a long way to go.

So rather than jumping into drawing things from my brain, I will try to imitate drawings till I feel more confident. Or maybe I can try once in a while to vent my imagination 😉

The only think to keep in mind is to have fun and not to get frustrated or feel bad about my drawing!

What do you think? Do you have any similar experience to share?


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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2 Responses to Arty Crafty Wednesday

  1. anumitblog says:

    Practice makes u perfect… Keep it up

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