The song life cycle

Every time I come across a new song, it goes through different stages until it actually becomes a non-detachable part of my memory and my emotions.
It kind of goes through a complete life cycle πŸ™‚ I thought it is very interesting concept to share on this blog πŸ˜›

  1. Introduction of a new song
    Sometimes it happens that the song is really new and trending while sometimes is an old song from an old movie or an album which I never knew even existed. I come across it either through a social network or YouTube or through my friends
    It can also be that I am watching a movie and I hear the song for the first time and I feel like – ‘Wow! I need to know this song!!’
  2. Listening the song repeatedly
    Then once I like it, I download it and play it repeatedly. Whether I am travelling or cooking or drawing or I am working in office. I just put on my earphones. I am so glad that it is not a person whom we have to ask to sing for us over and again πŸ˜€ Otherwise that person would go crazy XD
  3. Getting the lyrics right
    Then one day, somehow I am into some high priority task. I even forget to turn that song on or put on the earphones. And while working with all attention, from nowhere, I start saying the lyrics! I didn’t even know that I knew the lyrics at first place. I might have checked them online once or twice but I never paid that much attention to the words. But somehow I get them right, not all, but quite a few πŸ™‚
  4. Practicing
    From now on, I pay more attention to the song, every time I listen. I try to see what part of lyrics I already know and what I need to remember. Finally, I get it all right!
    Frankly speaking, I have realized that most of the songs have similar lyrics, at least Bollywood songs. And there are some words that have same rhymes used in all the songs. So even if I forget, I can make out on my own which word I might be missing πŸ˜›
  5. Singing in the mood
    Till here, I know the words and I can sing them with the music but I still keep it to myself and sing for myself. Then comes a day, when everything goes as expected! I am too happy about it. And the song starts playing as it is definitely on my playlist. I can’t control myself and began to sing it aloud! I know the lyrics but I am not a singer. Somehow I try to copy the singer, I try to stretch the words to fit in with the music. But because I am happy, I am also confident and so I get some words right (some don’t) and it all feels so perfect!! I would be lying if I say that, at that very moment, I don’t feel I should take up singing XD
  6. Singing right every time
    Here after, I sing this song every time I hear it. I used to bore my brother by singing songs whole day. That didn’t stopped me from doing it πŸ˜› The song is now in my favorite songs list forever. But I may not listen it that much anymore. It will be somewhere in the playlist I listen regularly. Or if my mood demands then I might jump directly to it. But not on repeat.
  7. Moving on
    There is a period of weeks or months when I don’t listen to this song. Maybe I am introduced to a new song or maybe I am listening to a different playlist. Maybe I am not in a mood of listening songs. But still, if it is played accidentally in a party or a function or during a DJ, I somehow still remember the lyrics, and I get this cozy, happy feeling of meeting an old friend after long time πŸ™‚The Song Life Cycle

Is this also the case with you? Or you have different stages than mine? Do you have some other hobby that has a pattern? I would really like to know!


About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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16 Responses to The song life cycle

  1. Kelley says:

    This happens to me also.

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  2. Oy meri chuddy buddy behen! Loved ur article❀😘 I have a very similar song (growing on me) pattern. I even have a pattern for annoying songs😜😁. Very careful observation , I loved that u took sum time to pen it down. I’m sure your readers will really connect to this :))

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  3. Jyoti Bhandary says:

    Needless to say like you like meπŸ˜šπŸ˜‹just that i go a step even further and literally record the songs or small stanzas in my own voice.I sometimes share it with close friends or someone who understands music (just to see if i can fetch any compliments πŸ˜‰Now i have a pretty huge collection of such recordings.It feels great when you get somewhere close to your own version of perfection.You should also try recording its fun and trust me makes you real happy. ,,😊


    • Dhanashree says:

      Wow!! That is very interesting!! I would like to listen your recordings πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      I also tried once or twice, with my cousin. But I think I should try again, maybe with my husband πŸ˜›
      Thanks for the idea!


  4. shiviphoenix says:

    I totally agree with your stages. That’s the case with me too πŸ˜ƒ

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  6. Same thing. You were spot on. πŸ™‚

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  7. Thanks for this post. Just recorded my first songs.

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