My New Hobby : Indoor Farming! Part #1

I think it is time to talk about my new hobby, indoor farming or indoor gardening. I like to call it farming because I am not growing plants for their flowers but the fruits 😛

I had this idea of growing vegetables indoors since the time I attended a session on cancer awareness. The doctor, who hosted the session said that the veggies that we get in Indian markets are hybrid, they are not natural and there are some chemicals involved in different steps of their life cycle. These chemicals are carcinogenic and the only way to avoid them is to plant your own vegetables. Right in that session I had this dream of having planted tomatoes, chilies, coriander, pumpkins, bottle guards, etc. in our balcony! That dream stayed for a while and then it was moved to backlog.

Later when I moved to Netherlands, one day I saw in a super market, they were selling biological coriander plants instead of selling just leaves, so we know it is 100% natural. And that dream resurfaced again!

I started by planting garlic clove. garlicAs it is one of most important
ingredients of our food and it is also very healthy. I just planted 2 cloves. Again, I began to dream that their might soon be bulbs growing at the root of the plant. But it doesn’t happen that way. It takes time. But I was satisfied to see the stems growing tall and by the fact that I can still use the stems in my cooking as they too had the garlic flavor!

My mom had planted chilies in our house, back in India. So I asked her some details and planted some chilly seeds. I also watched some related videos just to be sure.

The only thing these videos don’t tell is how long it will take for the seeds to germinate and grow into a plant. And mom has the same answer every time – ‘Have patience!’

Last month when my in-laws had visited our place, number of plants in my garden suddenly increased!! My MIL spread some fenugreek and mustard seeds in small pots 🙂

Mustard plants grow really fast and have beautiful, small, yellow flowers and later grow pods that have seeds inside them!

And you know one of the advantages of having our own garden? We realize how nature is so beautiful!

Part 2 is here.

About Dhanashree

I am a newly married wife, in my late twenties. Software Engineer by profession, I am quite a tech-friendly and I love to read and write. Maths was my favorite subject at school :) Now, I am working on my vocabulary and drawing skills. I am totally a family person!
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4 Responses to My New Hobby : Indoor Farming! Part #1

  1. Megala says:

    What a great idea!


  2. Kelley says:

    This is really cool.


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