As the name suggests, the blog is going to be all about my life. But as I have moved with my life, I don’t really think that life is just about one person. It is never about just our self. People who say – ‘My Life My Rules’ or ‘I, Me, Myself’ have either not seen life or they are dumb to still believe that life means just them.

Because it is not. In my 26 years of life, I have met so many people – friends and family alike – who have shaped my life in various ways. And I cant miss them out. Neither from my life nor from this blog.

They helped me make wonderful memories, they made me laugh. They helped me rise when I was low. The helped to take right decisions. They make me believe that life is indeed beautiful. They taught me togetherness, they taught me forgiveness. They taught me to love.

My parents, my cousins, my friends, now my husband, my in laws. They all make my life. My nieces, they have and they will be always main topic of many of my posts. I love all these guys. If I had to write only about me, there wont be any need of a blog as such. It would end at the very beginning it self.

This blog is about how I make my life with all these people around. Without them, my life cannot be made. They are the key ingredients of my life. I want to tell them – ‘Just take care of yourself, because I don’t want to miss you! Neither in my life, nor in my blog.’

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