What’s a Bawse?


Someone who –

  1. Stands tall and exudes confidence
  2. Is charming and makes people good about themselves
  3. Gets hurt efficiently and learns something from their mistakes
  4.  Finds solutions to the problems, not once, not twice, but over and over and over again
  5. Hustles relentlessly
  6. Understands importance of gratitude and knows when to pause
  7. Genuinely loves and accepts themselves
  8. Has priorities in order

To those who don’t know, the girl in the video is Lilly Singh, the Superwoman. She started making and sharing videos on YouTube few years ago and today she is so famous, she was listed in Forbes magazine, has won People’s choice award and has starred in couple of Hollywood movies already! She just published her first book – ‘How to be a Bawse

The things that she mentioned in her video are exactly what I want to become. I want to be a Bawse. Although I don’t want to be a YouTube star, or be very famous, but I want to shine wherever I go, office, family gathering or even in the supermarket or a coffee shop.

I want to exude confidence, have solutions to all problems, express my honest gratitude, make people good about themselves, set priorities and follow them. I want to a Bawse!

Although I haven’t bought or ordered the book yet, because I generally don’t like to read such books where someone else tells  us what we should do. But I will get one book, for Lilly 😉

I will share here whatever wisdom I gain from it.

Be a Bawse

This thing happen at my work yesterday.

We had a meeting, a retrospection. Now, we have our meetings on skype. So, like we all were virtually present. And everybody had to say how were their last 2 weeks of work. If they have any inputs or feedback about the work process. I really didn’t have anything to say. So when it was my turn i said so just as i had decided.

But when it was our team lead’s turn, as always, he had a lot of things to say. And after he is done he always asks everyone about their opinions on it. Yesterday again he asked everyone about their opinions and well it was like, nobody replied. Including me. We could have said “yea we agree” or we could have said “oh no that is not a good idea in my opinion” or we could have just said “i don’t think we have any opinion about it” rather than just staying mumm and keep him wondering what we all are doing. I am glad that he just laughed out at this. He could have got angry and walked out of the meeting or said some harsh words but he didn’t. 



But after the meeting i really felt miserable. I am still feeling. I knew nobody else was going to say anything. But since i am trying to be a better person, trying to improve myself I should have said something. I failed myself.

In my protest I can say that whatever he was saying, on that our opinion wasn’t going to matter. He shouldn’t have discussed it with us. He should have just told us rather than asking our opinions. But again, if i want to move up a level, i need to prove it by showing that i too have a brain that thinks and makes points and gives opinions. I lost that chance. And i was busy doing some coding while he was doing the talking. I was a bit stressed with my work. This is more of an excuse though.

So I am once again going to remind myself about the things that I want to achieve, the things that i need to change about my self.

Wherever you are, be all there-

I am only going to do one thing at a time. I need to learn to connect and disconnect myself and my brain immediately. I am little slow in such things, but i need to change. Even if i fail in the beginning, i need to take this task. I have to do it.

Be loud and clear

Sometimes i don’t say things out of shyness and fear. I also sound meak when someone says thank you and I have to say welcome or no problem in return. That shouldn’t happen right? Well it happens because i am overwhelmed that someone says thank you to me(so many times). But it is so disrespectful to not to say ‘welcome’ loud and clear when they say ‘thank you’ clear enough to make us their feelings known!!

So i know where i go wrong and how i can correct myself. Now i just have to put efforts into it. I don’t want to be the same me when I go back to India. I want to be a better person. Person who loves herself. Person who makes everyone around her feel good. I want to be a Bawse!

Focus shift!

I realized that I have totally ignored my List, the soul purpose of starting this blog.

I just got carried away for some reason. And now I think I should focus back on my bucket list.


Only interesting update about the list is – I could strike off one thing!! That is completing a marathon!!! *applauds and whistles and drums*

1 out of 40.

And yet I have not given up on my list. I think deserves all the applauds and whistles and drums!!

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Happy New Year!

I really have nothing much to say but, Happy New Year! May the coming year bring lot of joy and happiness to all your lives!

I have no regrets for 2016. Oh, well, I have some but I have grown up to accept the bad things as part of our life just as we accept the good things. And there’s always some thing worse that could have happened. So instead of feeling sad about the bad things that happened, I have learnt to feel good about the worse that never happened! Too optimistic to be true, is it?

Whatever. 😛

My 2016, after moving to Amsterdam, had been rocking. Like, I have shed my dead skin and there is lot of positive energy in me, at least right now, when I am writing this post and I am eagerly looking forward to 2017.

I have lot many ideas to strike off couple of things from my ‘List‘. And yes, I-am-gonna-do-that!

What do you think about 2016 & 2017? Are you excited about the new start? I would love to hear!!

Happy New Year!

Have blast!


Being Married


This is a very touching letter written by Rani Mukeri Chopra.

But I think a woman starts changing right from the time she gets married. I don’t know about these actors, but at least the common women like me. Most of the times we are left all alone to do all sort of work, all by ourselves. We have to cook for our family, we have to decide the menu, it should be healthy as well as tasty, it shouldn’t be boring, we have to work hard to keep our house clean, we have to see if dishes are done, if there are cleaned cloths for tomorrow, not just for our self but at least for one more person.

From being all by my own on a tour to all by my own in raising a family, we change a lot. We become tolerant, calm, patient, forgiving, everything. Because we can’t really find the strength and time to stand up for all these things that don’t matter much.

It’s only when we hit the balance after some months or maybe years, we start discovering us again.We realize how we have changed and what new things we have learnt and experienced. Most of them are good. We surprise ourselves. We never had thought we could come that far, that we can actually put someone else before us and that we had so much strength and energy to put all the negativity behind and make things better.

And then we feel proud of overselves. We understand why people worship Goddesses and how we indeed have a part of each of them in us. 🙂

What do you think, married women out there? I want to know.

Ice Skating!

Last weekend my husband and I went to a nearby market to get him a nice, warm jacket. It is really getting cold here and after a lot of persuasion he agreed to get one jacket for himself. I already have a good one. 

So we went to this market and to our surprise, there was an ice skating event organised there, in the center of the market!!

There were mainly kids but there were also some adults gliding on the artificial ice platform. So we decided, once we are done with the shopping, we will also give it a try!
We took two tickets and we put on the shoes. We had some problem trying to fit in those weird shoes but we some how did it (although we weren’t sure about how to get out of them!)

It was definitely not a cake walk. I have tried normal skating on the road side when I was a kid but I am not an expert. And ice skating is way different and difficult than that. But slowly and steadily, i could do it!! Yay!! You can see in the video below!

There were kids throwing ice on each other, bumping into each other, falling down, laughing loudly! The atmosphere was so cheerful and festive! I didn’t know dutch keeds were so naughty!!

We also made new friends. We met an Indian couple who offered to help us. The lady held my hands as a support so that i can glide without the fear of falling 🙂

Alas, my husband slipped and fell right in the entrance and he lost all the confidence. He chose to stand in the corner and take videos and photos and help me skate!

I wish to go their this weekend again and practice it a little more. Also, try if I can encourage my hubby to skate :p

Marathon Survivors!! – Part 2

16th October 2016 – Marathon Day
The alarm rings at 6 am. My husband wakes up and wakes me up too. Which is totally opposite of what happens on every other day.
Hubby : Come on, we have to go. We need to get up or we will be late.
Me : Ya, right. (But stays in bed.)

Finally @ 7, we are out of bed.

Hubby : The race starts at 10:10. So we will have to leave at 8:30 at least as we will be riding on bicycle. So we will have some buffer time after reaching there.
Me : Yes, 8:30 without fail.

@ 7:45 – 8
I come out of bathroom

Hubby : I had called my friend XYZ (who stays nearby). He said he will be leaving at 9.
Me : OK. So what about us?
Hubby : We are still with our schedule. We will leave house at 8:30 sharp.

@ 8:15
We were filling the details in a form that was behind the number. In the form, they have asked about medical history. My husband has a bit high sugar and he is taking medication. I told him you have to mention it. He wasn’t willing to.
Hubby : What if they don’t let me to run?
Me : So what? I will also not run.
Hubby : But I want to run.
Me : They will let you run. It is just diabetes. Nothing severe.
Hubby : (Didn’t say anything.)
@ 8:50 we are done and wearing shoes.
Me : Good that we decided time as 8:30 or we would still be late. 🙂

We rode cycle in the cold weather. Luckily it wasn’t that cold. And it didn’t even rain!! We reached the destination at 9:30. There were lots of people coming from everywhere for marathon. I have never seen so much of a crowd in Amsterdam. Although back in India I am used to it, but not here. And they were all so excited and cheery, it just set the mood. And not for a moment did the thought cross our mind that we don’t want to run the marathon. We just swam with the crowd and without knowing anything we were already in the lane where the race was going to take place.There were so many other people who weren’t running but were just there to cheer us. It was amazing feeling, like they were pushing us to reach the finish line.


NOTE : Both of us (probably only both of us) were wearing jeans for the marathon. Because I thought it is going to be very cold and it will be difficult to run. My husband had brought shorts to change but he didn’t go for it. We ran the entire race in jeans while every one else was in sportswear.

@10 am
Hubby : We are wearing jeans
Me : It’s OK. It is our first marathon.
Hubby : Ya but still.
Me : Next time we will come prepared. (I was already in the achievement mood. So nothing was going bring me down. Not even any kind of humiliation)

We began to run(read as walk). We learnt that although the pistol trigger was pulled at 10:10, it took us almost 5-10 more minutes to cross the actual starting point.
Hubby : I might go ahead as I run.
Me : That’s OK. I will come. (Pff… I am independent woman!)

I really couldn’t keep pace with my husband. I kept on going with the hope that I will find him. Craning my neck to get his glimpse in that crowd.
He used to wait for me (I told him don’t but he still did) then I would catch up with him and then again he would disappear. We had done 4 km. After 3rd time he decided to stay with me rather than going ahead.
After 5 km, they had stalls of water, juice some energy bars and sponges to wipe our sweat. Energy bars were over till we reach there and we weren’t sweaty at all for sponges, so we drank some juice and went on.
In no time we had finished 7 km.But the last km was the toughest!
750 m
500 m
200 m
and finally 100 m
And we could see the end point! And we did it!


It felt like and achievement then. First marathon and finished in time. It was cool. We weren’t even prepared to run the marathon and here we are finishing in time. 🙂

It feels good, to have done something new. To do something you never thought you would do. I always felt like I lacked in extra curricular activitis. So it’s kind of an opportunity that I got and I grabbed it!

I think it was not our will that helped us to finish. Our will only took us to the marathon, but it was the environment there that galvanized us to finish it! I am thankful for everyone present there for this. And I am thankful to my husband as well, it is for him that I ever thought of running this marathon at first place!! :*

The organisers had arranged good snacks. We met other friends there. And we had fun 🙂

An experience worth cherishing!

What about you? Have you ran a marathon? What was your experience? Or are you planning to?  Do share!!


10 Ways to have better conversation by Celeste Headlee on TED Talks

How to talk and how to listen –

Today I am going to meet some new people and honestly, I am bit scared about how things are going to turn out and how I am going to converse with them. So I decided to browse through internet to get some tips on how to converse with people.

I found a very interesting video on Ted talks that I am sharing.

Celeste Headlee has shared 10 points on ‘How to talk and listen to people’. According to her, if we master even 1 out of these 10 points, we can have great conversation with people.

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Best of both worlds!!

Today was a normal day. I was doing my daily chores and all of a sudden an old song came to my mind and in no time I began humming it.

You get the best of both worlds,
Chill it out, take it slow,
Then you rock out the show.
Mix it all together
And you know
That it’s the best of both worlds!

The title track of the show Hannah Montana! Whoo! It is one of my favorite shows that i grew up watching. And i still wish they will air it again and i can watch it like always! It was not just about the teen popstar who lived 2 lives but also about friendship, about parents, about living our lives and above all it was a comedy drama! My brother and I loved the part of Jackson, Recco and Billy Ray Stuart!

Before, i thought of sharing this on fb as my status, feeling nostalgic and a link to this song. Then a thought visited my mind. Why shouldn’t i share it on my blog as well? I haven’t been here since long, long time. And so, here I am! I am sharing links to some of my favorite Miley Cyrus songs, who played the role of Hanna Montana aka Miley Stuart!

The Rockstar

The bone dance-

Make some noise!

The Climb –  from Hannah Montana the movie!

Who said

Party in the USA

7 things

She was 12 something when she started as Hanna Montana, and she is still a Popstar! She was like with me in every phase of my life. And she still there as i grow up 🙂

Wrecking ball!

I lover her even today. Although i just cant imitate her clothes, which i did otherwise 🙂

Keep going Miley! Time is on your side!!

Weekly Discover Challenge – Adventure!

Adventure, for me is living life by my own. With my husband. In our house. Building our house, taking our own decisions. Living with those decisions.

Adventure is earning money, spending it wisely, saving some for future. It is managing our budget and planning.

Adventure is learning new language, studying it, being able to read, write and speak a new language.

Adventure is learning to drive a 4 wheeler, knowing ABC, to leave And hold the clutch, to raise the accelerator slowly without jerks!

Adventure is buying weird, not so matching clothes, putting them together to make new fashion and wearing it in public!

Adventure is watching Game of thrones for the first time!!!

Adventure is buying electronic gadgets by our own knowledge 🙂 for self or for our loved ones!!

Adventure is planning a trip with my cousin and going to the trip, just 2 of us!

Adventure is taking a project different and bigger than something we have did before, following all stages of its life cycle and making it a success!!

This challenge is really cool! It made me re-discover meaning of ADVENTURE!