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Things my mother said to me

And I find myself repeating them to my husband πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› You should get up early. When you don’t eat your lunch box, it means that you don’t value my efforts of preparing it. After your bath, why don’t you … Continue reading

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First award for my blog!!

Bwaaah! After blogging for almost 4 years, I am receiving my first award!! Thanks Kelly for the Liebster Award! 😘😘 I really have no one to blame about this because I keep a very low profile. Even today, I find … Continue reading

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What’s a Bawse?

  Someone who – Stands tall and exudes confidence Is charming and makes people good about themselves Gets hurt efficiently and learns something from their mistakes Β Finds solutions to the problems, not once, not twice, but over and over and … Continue reading

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Be a Bawse

This thing happen at my work yesterday. We had a meeting, a retrospection. Now, we have our meetings on skype. So, like we all were virtually present. And everybody had to say how were their last 2 weeks of work. … Continue reading

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Focus shift!

I realized that I have totally ignored my List, the soul purpose of starting this blog. I just got carried away for some reason. And now I think I should focus back on my bucket list. Only interesting update about … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I really have nothing much to say but, Happy New Year! May the coming year bring lot of joy and happiness to all your lives! I have no regrets for 2016. Oh, well, I have some but I have grown … Continue reading

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Being Married

This is a very touching letter written by Rani Mukeri Chopra. But I think a woman starts changing right from the time she gets married. I don’t know about these actors, but at least the common women like me. Most … Continue reading

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Ice Skating!

Last weekend my husband and I went to a nearby market to get him a nice, warm jacket. It is really getting cold here and after a lot of persuasion he agreed to get one jacket for himself. I already … Continue reading

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Marathon Survivors!! – Part 2

16th October 2016 – Marathon Day The alarm rings at 6 am. My husband wakes up and wakes me up too. Which is totally opposite of what happens on every other day. Hubby : Come on, we have to go. … Continue reading

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10 Ways to have better conversation by Celeste Headlee on TED Talks

How to talk and how to listen – Today I am going to meet some new people and honestly, I am bit scared about how things are going to turn out and how I am going to converse with them. … Continue reading

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