King’s day Celebration in Amsterdam

King's day 2017 - friendly stranger 1King’s day 2017 – friendly stranger 1

King's day 2017 - friendly stranger 2

King’s day 2017 – friendly stranger 2

King's day 2017 - Some inspiration on King's Day as well

King’s day 2017 – Some inspiration on King’s Day as well

King's day 2017 - selfie!

King’s day 2017 – selfie!

King's day 2017 - only orange that I had

King’s day 2017 – only orange that I had

King's day 2017 - drunk orange group 😀

King’s day 2017 – drunk orange group 😀

King's day 2017 - friendly stranger 3

King’s day 2017 – friendly stranger 3

Arty Crafty Wednesday

I couldn’t think of anything good, and I also didn’t have enough time. So I just draw something quickly. So here are 5 quick doodles, telling something about me 😛


I am a tall girl with usually long hair, but now-a-days I keep them short. I think they look cool 😉 And most of the time I wear T-shirt and Jeans with sneakers, which I think makes me look cooler 😀


I am Libra, but trying hard to strike balance in my life!


I love my family and few friends that I have! They are my weakness, but also my strenght!! ❤ ❤


Maths was my favorite subject in school, and it ceases to leave my heart even today 🙂


Probably the only think I am mad about through out my life 😀

I think I am being too shameless here and posting these pictures even when they are too naive to put on a display. But I didn’t want to miss last post of this segment before my break. Yes, I am gonna be little busy next month. So I may not post anything. Not even Game of Thrones quote 😦

But I promise to come back with something exiting to share!!

Till then, Ciao!

A ride to remember!

It was a Saturday. My hubby and I were just hanging around at the Centraal station. We didn’t know how people celebrate Easter here, but it was a bit more crowded than usual. And before we could say anything, we saw big cart wheel at a distance!

We had already been to beach in the afternoon, so we were little hungry but we thought let us first check out what it is. But when we went there, one thing led to other and we were standing in the line with the tickets for one of the swings called ‘Around the world’.

As per my past experiences, I know that I am always afraid at first but later I don’t really feel the fear that much. So I just said my husband that it might not be that scary after all. But one hell, I was wrong! It was 60 m high from the ground and I didn’t know what it felt to swing that high.

The worst thing was we didn’t feel it was that safe, and it was only after it began to swing. There was only one rod near the waist that held us. And both of us are quite tall. So we thought that even if we move a little we might fall!! We had thought that we will take picture after we reach the top spot. But as I said, we didn’t even move! We didn’t even look at each other. And after reaching the top, it rotated there was some time. Maybe 2 minutes. We couldn’t wait for those 2 minutes to get over. When we reached there, my husband immediately said that we aren’t going to try anything like this again!! I was so relieved! I wasn’t alone who scared! LOL! And he started to recite any random song without any rhythm :D. I too would have cried if we would have stayed there any longer!!

The moment we got down from those chairs, we left a sigh of relief and as we talked about it we couldn’t control our laughter!! We still laugh about it every time we think of it!! It was one gem of a experience! Later, when we were having snacks, sitting next to the fare, watching the ride, we kept on wondering – how did we do it!! But I am glad we did it 🙂

The best thing about this experience was, that we both felt the same way!! The way laugh we about it and talk about it now… he is not just my husband, he has become my best friend!!

Focus shift!

I realized that I have totally ignored my List, the soul purpose of starting this blog.

I just got carried away for some reason. And now I think I should focus back on my bucket list.


Only interesting update about the list is – I could strike off one thing!! That is completing a marathon!!! *applauds and whistles and drums*

1 out of 40.

And yet I have not given up on my list. I think deserves all the applauds and whistles and drums!!

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1st Wedding Anniversary!

Sometimes it feels like we have been married for years
And sometime it feels like we are 2 friends who are just living together

I am glad that we reached this point so soon where
We don’t misunderstand each other
We don’t have to ask for space
We know that it’s not that you don’t care

They say ‘don’t get married until you are settled in life’
‘Don’t be in a relationship until you are settled’, they never say
I think marriage is just a name given to a relationship
And I am fortunate to have you as my better half!

‘Better half’
How an apt title for you…
Because when you are with me, I am better than what I am.

I never thought I would love anyone as much as I love my folks or I can still be equally happy when I am with someone else.
But I do now.
And you never make me feel lonely.

I am glad, I could find the right words to put down my feelings.



I had some free time at my hand, so i planted a couple of garlic cloves in a small vase. Considering the health benefits of the garlic, i thought why not try to grow them at home?

So i searched videos on YouTube on how to do that, and here they are. Two wonderful stems growing tall!

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Raining Movies!!!

I have always been fond of movies. Why should one not be? They take us to a different world all together, a world of imagination. And especially when I was introduced to Hollywood, I realized, this imagination knows no bounds!

In past of couple of years though, I got too busy with my life and I couldn’t actually make a plan to watch the movies. I even made a list of movies which I thought I must watch but I just couldn’t find the time.

But now I say, f**k the list 😀

Because we (husband and I) took a pass to our nearby theater and we can now watch unlimited movies!!!!!!!! We have decided to watch all the upcoming movies, except the ghost movies, I don’t really like them. but my husband does, so I am not really sure if we are completely going to boycott them 😦

We have already seen 3 movies – Kahaani 2, Inferno and The Accountant. And there are 3 more planned for this weekend – Befikre, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them(IMAX) and Arrival!

I love the way things are turning out. I would wonder if I could ever get addicted to something. I mean, I wanted to see how it is to live a life completely in control of something else, like alcohol or smoking. But till now, I couldn’t dare to drink a thing that is highly alcoholic or I havent smoked even once. Now I think, why do I have to get addicted to these things when I can get addicted to watching movies? And it is not even that harmful, isn’t it? 😀

We come back from office, have dinner and then go the theater 😀 this is the best thing I can ask for. And since it is getting colder, we would rather sit in a cinema hall than to wander in the cool lanes of Amsterdam.

It is also one of things from my bucket list, to watch lots and lots of movies!!

What do you say? Do you enjoy watching movies? Which one is your favorite? What genre do you like? With whom do you prefer to watch movies? Do share! I wanna know!

Ice Skating!

Last weekend my husband and I went to a nearby market to get him a nice, warm jacket. It is really getting cold here and after a lot of persuasion he agreed to get one jacket for himself. I already have a good one. 

So we went to this market and to our surprise, there was an ice skating event organised there, in the center of the market!!

There were mainly kids but there were also some adults gliding on the artificial ice platform. So we decided, once we are done with the shopping, we will also give it a try!
We took two tickets and we put on the shoes. We had some problem trying to fit in those weird shoes but we some how did it (although we weren’t sure about how to get out of them!)

It was definitely not a cake walk. I have tried normal skating on the road side when I was a kid but I am not an expert. And ice skating is way different and difficult than that. But slowly and steadily, i could do it!! Yay!! You can see in the video below!

There were kids throwing ice on each other, bumping into each other, falling down, laughing loudly! The atmosphere was so cheerful and festive! I didn’t know dutch keeds were so naughty!!

We also made new friends. We met an Indian couple who offered to help us. The lady held my hands as a support so that i can glide without the fear of falling 🙂

Alas, my husband slipped and fell right in the entrance and he lost all the confidence. He chose to stand in the corner and take videos and photos and help me skate!

I wish to go their this weekend again and practice it a little more. Also, try if I can encourage my hubby to skate :p

P.S. I Love You!!

After having seen some serious disappointments, bad heart breaks and some real deaths, I understand what this movie is all about. And how thoughtful Jerry was to leave such a beautiful surprise for his wife!!

I just wanna tell you nothing,
You don’t want to hear.
All I want is for you to say
O’ why don’t you just take me
Where I’ve never been before?
I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath.
I love you till the end!

I don’t want to spend a single day
without telling you how I feel
I am your forever
And you are mine
And I will love you till the end!!

The last para i just added of my own.
Today is our 11 month anniversary!!


Trip to Barcelona!

It was just in my last post that I said I am not a travel person, right? And now I am talking about trip to Barcelona that too with an exclamation ‘!’

Well, it was in this trip that I realised that I am not-that-completely-not-a-travel-person. There are certain aspects of travel that I enjoy and certain that I don’t.

So, we had planned a 3 day trip to Barca. And honestly speaking on first day itself I was so bored and I was actually terrified by the thought of staying there for 2 more days! It was just 2 of us, my husband and me. And as I figured, my husband too was bored on the first day.

Perhaps it was due to lack rest or early morning travelling. Can’t really say. But as we started wandering along the lanes of Barcelona, we started enjoying it. Luckily, our hotel was in the heart of the city, near the La Rambla, thanks to my hubby! We could see the vegetable+fruits+fish+beef+unkown non vegetarian food market, street vendors and hookers just as we see in India. In fact we also saw how police raided the streets at night and all vendors just gathered their stuff and vanished. To our surprise, there were many Indians not only own the shops but there were also Indian vendors selling souvenirs or even bear on beach side. We saw quite a few metro stations of Barcelona. We roamed around the streets of famous Catalunya from ZNMD. And what not. This part is the one that we enjoyed a lot. Being with the locals. If we wish to know any place, then we have to know the locals first. And so, I can definitely say that Barcelona is gonna stay with for a life time now 🙂

The places we saw in Barcelona –

  1. The Sagrada Familia
  2. Sant Pau Recinte Modernista
  3. Went to Castle Montjuic by cable car



4. Montjuic Castle




5. Montjuic Parc

6. FCB ground + Museum




7.  Beach


8. Catherdral

9. History Museum



We still missed some of the important locations like – Torre Agbar, Parc Guell, Arc de triomph and an aquarium. Nevertheless, we are satisfied by the trip.

How did we travel in the city?

We can get different types of passes that allow us to use public transport. We took a 10 euro pass T10 that allows us to travel by metro or bus for 10 times. It is valid for any number of days. Every time we travel by bus or metro it gets stamped on our card.
There is also a tourist bus that take us to all the tourist locations.
As we preferred to walk some times between different locations, we could manage in 10 travels for 3 days.
Also there are free wifis at many places so we can trace the route easy.
There is a special bus between airport and Catalunya and back. Travel cost for this bus is not included in T10 pass.

What did we eat?

Because we are eggeterian and not non-vegetarian, we knew we wont have much option for food available. So we  had taken some snacks with us. But there are lot of cafeterias and McDs and Subways. Also there’s Walk to Wok where we can have yummy noodles!


What language do people speak?

Good amount of people know English. But of course Spanish is their language. Some of them also speak French. There some Indians as well so you definitely find our gaav vaala asking us – Kaise ho sahab? 🙂

How large is Indian community?

Not that large, but still I was surprised. I mean, they are not like us – software engineers working on client side. They actually had shops selling souvenirs or shoes or some local products. There were Indian hawkers selling selfie sticks and on beach side they were selling mats like they do at Chowpatti! Well, they were also selling some bear, which they were claiming to No 1. (That was bit humiliating :'() But it is good to see some known faces.

If I have to compare with Amsterdam, Barcelona was more crowded, little dirty than here but it felt more like home for us. It kind of gave Indian feel. The metros too, were not that sophisticated. Although the infrastructure didn’t cause any incovinience.

That’s all about Barcelona. However, there are still many photos that I want to share. So keep looking!

And by the way, did you go to any trip? I wanna know!!