New About

As the name suggests, this blog is all about my life. I blog about things that can be very closely or may be distantly related to me.

My life comprises of all my people – my parents, my sibling, my cousins, my friends, my husband and my extended family. These people keep popping up in my posts now and then.

It also includes the random hobbies that I pick up for unknown reasons. I have made a list of things I want to learn and do. And I keep updating about my progress on the blog.

Because I got married just a few years back, I am still trying to figure out the marital responsibilities and organize my life alongside those responsibilities. I tend to scribble those experiences here.

I have 3 beautiful nieces at the moment and I love to see them growing up. Some posts are also picked up from ‘An Aunt’s journal’ 🙂

I want to write a fiction novel about a simple loving family. Perhaps, you might get to read it here as well.

That’s pretty much it. I hope that you will connect with the words and the person behind them.



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