Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

How will you portray “Experimental”? Will it be the fresh lemon-cranberry scones you whipped up, tired of the usual blueberry muffins? Will it be a close-up of the piano where you just composed an original in a key new to you? Will it be capturing a subject using varying compositions or photographic techniques?

I have really tried my hand at cooking in past few months, and I can come up with lots of photos of different dishes. But I also tried something else, that really makes me proud. 🙂

I started gardening, and I have begun to grow plants that I can use daily. Although I am yet unable to consume the fruits of most of the plants, I am happy about the whole process and the experimental angle that it has.

One of my Instagram friends suggested me to grow Pudina, i.e. Mint. They are really easy to grow. When we buy some mint stems, we have to pluck the leaves in such a way that some part of the leaves’ stem remains on the main stem. And then we just have to insert the main stem in soil and place it where it can get enough sunlight and water it appropriately. In few days, new leaves will start growing from the sub-stems.

When I tried it the first time, I plucked the entire leaf. So there was no scope for the new leaf to grow. You see the experimental angle here? But next time I corrected my mistake. And also, instead of growing them in the soil, I decided to grow them in water!

Mint plants at my home

Mint plants at my home

I have already grown Methi, i.e. Fenugreek once. At that time my mother in law had just spread some seeds in the soil, and within one week or so, there were already leaves coming out from them. I couldn’t believe that it is so easy to grow Methi at home! I decided to do it again. But I was waiting for a container with more length and breadth. And I found one!


Do you also have a garden? What plants do have there? Can you please suggest me some small plants in the cold atmosphere?

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – A mushroom doodle

Let me confess upfront. Like most of the other drawings I did, I copied this one too.

Mushroom doodle

Mushroom doodle

This is the original piece –

Today’s sneak peek in my IG Stories would have given you a clue as to what kind of house I’m drawing for Day 29 of #100daysofdoodles. Yes! It’s a Fairy House! 🍄 this little sketch was inspired by a gorgeous picture of a bright red mushroom shared by my friend @annmargaretmiddleton 😘 hope you like it ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #doodleart #artjournal #illustrationgram #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #plannercommunity #planneraddict #plannergirl #plannerlove #carveouttimeforart #bujojunkies #bulletjournal #bulletjournaldoodles #bujodoodles #bulletjournaling #doodle #doodles #doodling #paperica #doodlesbyGG #the100dayproject #inktober #inktober2017 #sketchbookdrawing #colorcolourlovers #surelysimple #surelysimpleart #surelysimpledoodles #surelysimplecolor

A post shared by GG's happy doodles (@papericagg) on

@papericagg really has some good skills. You must check out her doodles.
Thanks for sharing papericagg! You inspire people like me.

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Anne Frank House

Visiting Anne Frank House is one of the few things, that I had planned before doing.


Anne Frank

Anne Frank

My GK is not really good. I knew about Anne Frank, but I didn’t know it very well. After I moved to Amsterdam, I learnt that ‘Anne Frank House’ is one of the famous museums and a must-see tourist location. So I decided to read the book first and then visit the museum.

Anne Frank was 13 years old when she began to write her diary. She was a German, Jew. Her family had to move to Netherlands to protect themselves from Nazis. But later, Netherlands was also invaded by Germans, so they had to leave their house and go into hiding. Their hiding place was a secret annex behind her father, Otto Frank’s office. They were helped by their Dutch friends who also worked with Otto. There were in total 8 people hiding in that Annex. But one day, almost after 2 years, their hiding place was discovered and all the 8 of them were sent to different concentration camps. While they were in hiding, Anne Frank continued to write her diary. She has described different events and circumstances during this period. They give us insight into the happenings of the world during that period. It also tells us what can happen if such situation happens again. This hiding place is now a museum. She could not survive in the camp and died when she was 15.

We were not allowed to take pictures of the museum but before visiting the museum we had an introductory session where they showed us various photos of Anne and others which we were allowed to click.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although the main focus of the museum is to study history, I think the book is much more than that. It also gives us insight into a life of a teenage girl. A girl who was very decided, focused and self-aware.

I think the book is a must-read for all the ladies at least.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Temporary

For this week’s challenge, share a photo that says “temporary” to you.

I think all the ladies will agree, the way our hair looks on the day we had our hair cut is just awesome. And the look is as long lasting as that remaining day. We go to sleep, and get up next day and BANG! The hair is not the same anymore!!

Sometimes we even start doubting if the haircut is really what we had asked for?

We so wish to have all the equipment and skills of the parlor lady so that we can style our hair again.

Don’t you agree?

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Life of Shoes

We are all the same. You like it when we are new, bright and clean. We might make you little uncomfortable, but you adjust. And by the time we get used to each other, we are already worn out. It’s already time to bid adieu. That is also your life, isn’t it?

This is my entry for – 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week, Week 45 by Sacha Black. The topic is – Write a day in the life of a pair of shoes – your protagonist IS the shoes. Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – A Cornucopia


A Cornucopia

A Cornucopia


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Do you have such dreams?

I will tell you about my dreams. One, they are weird. Two, they are a mashup of all the things that I think at the back of my mind.

I mean, I think of my husband all day, he is the only person I see daily and spend most of my time with. But he never comes in my dream except for his reference. But all other people, about whom I must not have even thought much, but for few seconds, can make an appearance in my dreams.

They can be from a news article I have read somewhere, or from a movie, or an old friend or just an acquaintance about whom I must have just thought for some time and forgotten, till he or she appears in my dream.

That feeling is sometimes so creepy. I can actually break down every random part from my dream and trace it to the thought that is its source. I feel like – although they are just thoughts, my brain still keeps track of them. Like they are always under surveillance. It makes me even scare of thinking about anything.

That is also a reason why I don’t watch horror movies or crime stories.

Does this happen to you? Do you also get creepy dreams?

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Peek

This week, share a peek of something — a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to get us interested.


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My Best Friend #NotSoGrownUpEssay

It is difficult to write about one particular best friend when all your friends are your best friend. And it is even more difficult when that best friend is also your cousin because almost all of my (first) cousins are very close to me 🙂

The best friend I am going to write about is my cousin whose name is Nutan. We call her Ilu because when we were little there was a trending Bollywood song “Ilu Ilu” It was my grandpa’s idea (I think) to call her Ilu 😀 I like that name and sometimes I call her by that name in public and embarrass her. But that’s what best friends do, right?

Agewise, she is only one-year younger than me but I always felt like she is the elder one. She has a very charming personality. I don’t know anyone from our family who is annoyed by her. Even my mother, who is known for being very strict towards children, has a soft corner for her. But that doesn’t stop my mom from scolding her 😛 She is smart, intelligent and always one step ahead of me in her thoughts and choices. And also in the TV series that we watch. She is a very likable person. She has a lot of fan followers right from her school days. I take a lot of pleasure in saying that we are best friends!

I don’t know how we became best friends. I remember spending most of my vacations with my other cousin. Perhaps that’s why my other cousin is more like a sibling than a cousin, to me. The earliest memory I have, that depicts our friendship is when we were 12 or 13 years old and I used to call her on the landline in the afternoon. I would be alone at home and both our moms were working. I don’t remember what we discussed but we used to talk for at least an hour.

Later, we went to the same high school, we went to the same coaching class and we also joined the same work organization 🙂

We know everything about each other. Sometimes, we might not tell those things immediately when they happen, especially now that we have grown up and have become judgemental, but we do spill the beans later. I think that is OK, we need our space and we understand each other.

We have grown up together especially after we began to stay together for long hours of the day. Our likes and dislikes have influenced each other. Our attitude, our thought process, the lessons we learned are almost the same. But what amazes me is, any kind of distance doesn’t change this. I can give you an example. Nutan had to go to a different city for college when I was in a different college. Once, we met each other after a long time and she had come to my place to spend that night. As usual, we were discussing movies and stuff. She told me about a movie that she had seen at her hostel and that she loved the hero from that movie. And I told her about my new favorite hero from my latest movie. Turns out we were talking about the same guy, Gerard Butler. She had seen ‘The Ugly Truth‘ and I had seen ‘300‘! Same thing happened with Ryan Goslings. She had watched ‘The Notebook‘ and I had watched ‘Half Nelson‘ 😀

Today, we both are in different foreign lands, meeting people from different places, gaining new experiences. But when we talk about it, it feels like we had same experiences. We actually speak same things together. It is weird in an amazing way 🙂

It is not that we get along on everything, but we just don’t make much fuss about it. Because there are more things we agree on than we disagree. We choose to enjoy that.

Another thing that distinguishes us, I think, is what we want from life. I want peace, she wants adventure. But our values are same, our principles are same. So we are just traveling two parallel paths towards different destinations.

There are times in the past when we have disappointed each other by our behavior. We are, after all, two different individuals. But we continue to have faith. We don’t give up on each other.

Our relation is something, we don’t have to work on. It is not going to change for any reason. We might not talk or even message for days, weeks or months. That does not change anything. Every passing day, every other conversation we have is a proof of that. We will continue to find comfort in each others presence. That’s the only thing I am sure of.

Do you also share such a relationship with your best friend? Or maybe your cousin? 🙂
I would love to hear.

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Sugar Skull

I learnt it from here –

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