Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded

Which one is a better one?

Weekly Photo Challenge - Rounded (original photo)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded (original photo)

Weekly Photo Challenge - Rounded (edited photo)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded (edited photo)

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Waste management in Netherlands

The first thing that we, Indians notice when we go outside India is the cleanliness in that foreign land. Most of the countries that we visit are cleaner than ours while some are as dirty. It’s not only when we go to a different country but even within India when we visit different states or cities, we start this comparison.

I am presently living in Netherlands for around 1 and a half-year. Netherlands is not only better than India but it has the best waste management system in Europe along with Austria. I thought of doing some research on how Netherlands manage their waste?

Lansink’s Ladder – Netherlands waste management policy

Ad Lansink, the former Dutch politician introduced the waste hierarchy in the Dutch parliament in 1979. He is the founder of the original waste hierarchy, which is called ‘Lansink’s Ladder’. Internationally the principle of Lansink’s Ladder is known as the Waste Hierarchy or the Hierarchy of Waste Management.

There are six steps in Lansink’s ladder that encourage waste reduction and management and efficient use of natural resources.


Recycling waste 

The Netherlands recycles 64% of the generated waste and most of the remaining waste is incinerated to generate electricity. Only 2% to 3% of the waste makes it to the landfills.



The main part of recycling is waste distribution.

There are common public garbage bins at regular intervals. There are different bins for different types of waste. One for plastics, one for glasses, one for paper and one for clothes. There are also common bins for some areas where we can just dump all the waste together. These bins are dug deep in the grounds.

There is also a facility at some malls to return used glass and plastic bottles or bulbs which will be recycled later.

Recycle in Netherlands - Bulbs

Recycle in Netherlands – Bulbs

My personal opinion 

Dutch people are aware of their surroundings and they do make an effort to maintain it. Having said that, I don’t know how much they reduce or reuse to avoid waste, but they do distribute their waste responsibly. There are dustbins at regular intervals on street and usually, I have seen people making use of them (except for the cigarettes and on a football match day)

There are workers, provided with proper facilities to do regular cleaning of public utilities. Each dustbin that I mentioned has a plastic (probably recyclable) bag inside it which is emptied regularly. I see customers bringing cloth bags to malls for shopping. People prefer to cycle to cover short distances up to 10 km to 15 km.

Although not everyone does that, the small population does make it easy to implement and maintain things. At the same time, we cannot ignore their determination to bring the change and follow it to such an extent and for such a long time. They have realized the need to protect our environment a long time ago and began to work towards it.

Perhaps, that’s why the Netherlands is one of the countries with high quality of life index. They care for nature.

By-products of this research –

Beautifully written post –

Note – Feel free to suggest or correct me wherever you think it is required.

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Halloween special

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

Weekly Photo Challenge - Glow

Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – Human Heart


Human Heart

Human Heart

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

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3rd Niece!

What more can I ask for? 🙂

My sister-in-law delivered a baby girl on 14th of October!! *drum rolls*

So she is born in the same month as me and we also share same zodiac sign! *drum rolls again*

The best part is her name. I had already decided that if it will be a girl, I am going to call her Hannah, as in Hannah Montana!! And nobody has raised any objection *drum rolls yet again*

It’s unfortunate that  I am not going to see her for next few months. But I can already feel that we are going to have a special bond, like the ones I have with Spruha and Soumya. And it is wonderful that even though I have just seen 2 photos of her (not even a video chat) I can feel that bond! ❤ ❤

I feel she is going to be quiet and very kind-hearted, like my oldest niece. And I also feel that she is going to like Maths like I do 🙂

I am definitely going to post lots of things related to her and I also want to know what the other 2 think about her. I am so going to miss to see them meeting each other for the first time. Their all the reunions are going to be fun though! 😀

Let’s see what’s more in the store!

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The 27th Year

I can still remember the day when I turned 22. And no year after that has been normal 🙂 I feel like, and I must have mentioned this before, I just grew old till I was 22 and after that as if there was a lot of backlogs to cover, I began to grow up very fast! Every coming year opened new possibilities, showed different shades of life, kicked me in different places and made me jump into the unknown 🙂 It made me realize, I can fly!

This year was no different. But it was better than the previous. And I know, the next is going to beat this year. I decided to note down the different things that I did or I learned or just something important that happened in this last year. The fact that I can think of these is by itself a new thing.

A page from my bullet journal

A page from my bullet journal

Cooking –

  1. I learned to cook well.
  2. I cooked for my colleagues once.
  3. Made Modaks and other dishes.

Personal Growth –

  1. I did some drawing.
  2. I wrote many posts on my blog, I think more than I must have written since I started this blog.
  3. I watched lots of youtube videos, TEDx videos. I think that has made me little more aware of the world.
  4. I started my own youtube channel.
  5. I didn’t fight much with my mom 😛
  6. I saw really varied genre of movies.
  7. I have become more strong-willed.
  8. I read 3 English classics, Anne Frank, Alice in the Wonderland, Little Women and GOT.
  9. I don’t feel awkward while talking on the phone.
  10. I did some good running this year and I realized that I like it!
  11. I got sick and then I got well on my own!
  12. I have become slightly more empathetic towards people around me.

New habits or experience –

  1. I cut my hair short! But I am done with that. Now I want long hair again.
  2. Went to many different countries, including France.
  3. Began to maintain bullet journal
  4. I have become serious about my future and career.
  5. I finally know what is a web API.
  6. I saw snowfall!
  7. I did ice skating.
  8. I have my own small garden! I am not an animal person, but I am definitely a plant person 🙂
  9. Sat in a very high cartwheel!!
  10. Learned to drink tea without sugar.
  11. I learned about Zero-waste. But it will take some time before I began to implement it.
  12. I tried to learn the Dutch language with not much success though.

When I look back at these points, I feel like each of this point has a potential to be converted into a post. And initially this thought made me very happy as I would have so many topics for my blog but now I think, I don’t want to spend too much time talking about things I did in the past. Instead, I should make sure that I write down everything that I do in the coming year so I will have links to all the points of my 28th year!

Can you relate to any of the points I have mentioned? How was your last year? 🙂
Can you also suggest me some things that I can do in the coming year? 


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Arty Crafty Wednesday! Mo JoJo and The Mad Hatter

The MoJoJo from the Powerpuff girls

The MoJoJo from the Powerpuff girls

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter


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How I celebrated Dasara?

I will first tell you, what I did last year. Because that is what makes this year’s Dasara* more special.

Last year, I had just moved to Netherlands couple of months before Dasara. I was not at all missing anyone or anything from back home. And I don’t play Garba, so overall Navratri is not that a big thing for me.

My mother called me on the day of Dasara, ‘Today is Dasara!’
“I know mom, I have received lots of wishes on WhatsApp.”
“Draw Saraswati on a paper and bow to her.” Saraswati is Indian Goddesses of Knowledge.
“But mom, I am anyway studying for my interview. So I am bowing to knowledge!!”
But still, she insisted that I follow the rituals. I reluctantly agreed and shared a picture of my version of Saraswati to please her (only).

This is year however, my emotions have taken a 180-degree turn! I am feeling so homesick and missing everyone so badly that even Dasara has become a big deal for me! And no one had to force insist me to do anything. I made my own plan, to celebrate it as we do in India or rather Mumbai, Maharashtra.

When I got up on the day of Dasara like my mom would do, I began to haste around for no reason. I began to clean the house, took bath before preparing food and made my husband to help me and also to draw Sarawati and do her pooja 🙂






That's the most traditional I can get.

That’s the most traditional I can get.


What else? I also prepared Gajar halwa which is not a Dasara special sweet**, but I wanted something sweet so I made it anyway 🙂 It turned out fine if not perfect.

Gajar Halwa by me

Gajar Halwa by me

Rest of the day, I kept calling and messaging friends and relatives and realized that I am as close to them as I could be 🙂

*Dasara is Marathi version of the name of the festival. A more famous name is Dussehra.
** The sweet that we, Maharashtrian prepare usually on Dasara is Shrikhanda!!

How did you celebrate Dasara?? What was the sweet dish you savored? I want to know so I can try it next time 🙂


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