Little Brother

“Are you ready to meet your little brother?”
She just nodded in reply to her father’s excited question with her beautiful, round, brown eyes saying a little more.

She was indeed excited to meet the new baby in her house, but she wanted a girl, a sister.

Her tiny brain can very well recollect that day when instead of her mama, her grandma had come to pick her up from school. Mom had gone to see a doctor. Later, mom and dad came home together, looking happier than ever. Father had brought ice cream! Everyone looked happy. Instead of waiting until dinner, father immediately brought plates and served it to everyone. Even grandpa had some (although he is not allowed to)

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I miss having friends around

I miss having friends around.

Friends like those in the office with whom I used to discuss a hell lot of things. It might be about the office, some trending issue, family, other friends or something very personal.

I never feared to share personal things with my these friends. Some how I knew, it will not be misused. They would also tell me many things. And some how even I never disclosed them to any one. Continue reading

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Paris! – Part 1

Till a few years ago, it was nowhere on my mind to visit Paris or go to France.
And then, I joined a French Language class just to decorate my resume and to improve my English vocabulary (many English words have French origin). Not just that I learned a new language, I found a wonderful friend for a lifetime and a dream, that we both saw together – to visit France.

This is a late post, a very late post. I went on a mini Europe trip with my family a few months ago. Paris was one of the destinations. And I must say, it did live up to my expectations!

When we think of Paris, the first thing that comes to our mind is – Eiffel Tower!

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If I had a magic wand…

“I don’t have 4 hands! Do it yourself!”

That’s what my mom would say if I asked her any favor when she would be in the middle of something. And I would wonder, why does she need 2 extra hands?

But I don’t wonder anymore. I know exactly what she means.

I am not a mom yet. But I am married, and I work and I am in a country far away from my family where I don’t get any help from anyone. I have to do everything on my own. My husband helps me, but it depends on his mood. And that’s when I realize, what is the importance of those 2 extra hands!! Continue reading

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Once, during a rainy day

Once, during a rainy day, little Aditi asked her mother,
“Mom, can I go and play in the rain?”
“No dear, you will catch a cold and fall sick!” mom explained.
“But I can see Ritu out there!” claimed Adu, pointing from the window.
Mom gave the same reason, she had used hundred times before, “She is older and she is stronger.”
“But I am strong too! You said so yourself, yesterday when I was crying!” she exclaimed.
“Now don’t act smart.” said mom plainly.
“Please, mom!! If I fall sick this time, I will never ask for anything. I will listen to whatever you say.” pleaded Adu.
“And you will obey everything that I say.” Demanded mom.
“Yes, mamma! Everything! But does this mean that if I don’t fall sick, I don’t have to listen to you at all??” enquired little Adu.
Mom was perplexed. She stared at her daughter half amused, half confused.
“I am just joking mamma! I will always listen to you, I am a good girl!” and she hugged her Mumma and ran outdoors in the rain!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

By the way, I won! 😛 There are a lot of us who did. Check out their blog by clicking on the badge –


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Arty Crafty Wednesday

Minions again!! Just little better ones, at least I feel so.

I tried from this –

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I wish

I wish,
I could just cut out some parts from our lives,
When I was mad and angry,
And you were stupid and crazy.

I wish,
I would have never said those words,
The words that brought us closer
And the words that tore us,

I wish,
You wouldn’t have done those things,
The things that made me fall,
And the things that made us fall apart.

I wish,
I wouldn’t have had those feelings,
The feeling of my heart, soaked in your love,
The feeling when my heart was into pieces.

But in spite of all this,
If we are still together,
Then I wish, for nothing else.
For I know, this is all that matters.

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My New Hobby : Indoor Farming Part #2

You can read the first part here.

Fenugreek plant also grows quite fast. But it has more leaves than flowers. Of course, the leaves are the only important thing that we need to consume.

Quick update on #fenugreek plant! It is time to serve them as sabji!! #indoorgardening #indoorfarming

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I also planted the tip of some carrots in a small pot. Initially I had just put them in the water, something we used to do quite often as kids, to see how the plant grows. But my MIL said we can even plant it in soil just as a show plant. I have least expectations of carrot growing at the bottom of this plant. But it does look attractive!

Carrot plants! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #indoorfarming

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Here is the show stopper 😛 Mango plant!! My FIL is kind of obsessed with mangoes and mango plant. They had brought few mangoes for us while coming from India, and we also bought some raw mangoes just to eat them raw. And right from the time he saw my small garden, he repeatedly said – we have to plant a mango seed! I already had a pot given by the owner. Now here is a confession, it had a plant in it, quite grown one. But I kind of neglected it. It was good in the last summer. And it dried in the winter. I thought it is natural, the leaves will come back in spring. But they didn’t. Now the roots are still in the pot. But we still planted 2 mango seeds in the same soil.

Having learnt of my new hobby, one of my friends, Vi, shared a post on FB about how to grow different plants indoors? and it had one of the plants on my list – tomatoes!

And now the plants have grown quite tall. I am dreaming that one day they will grow tall enough and give shade during sunny days! (I really don’t know how long a tomato plant grows!)

Quick tomato update! Stronger and taller! #indoorgarden #indoorgardening #indoorfarming #tomato

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And here is the last one, that I recently planted – green chili pepper or as we call it Shimla mirch! It is just 2 weeks old.

Here I am sharing a small video of my small garden. There is one biological coriander plant as well that I had bought, but somehow it is isn’t growing anymore. It dried away even though I watered it regularly. So now I am going to plant new seeds myself to see how it works.

That's my entire garden! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #indoorfarming

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Do you have your garden? What plants do you have in there? Have you tried indoor farming? What do you think about my plants? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to share!

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Arty Crafty Wednesday – A rainy day


I thought i was doing good, but i don’t know at what point it started becoming all messed up. But it was an honest attempt.

It used to be the first topic for drawing, when the school would start in June. And I think this is best I have drawn so far. 🙂

Now I don’t know what should be the background color and what color the rain should be. In fact I think rain will spoil the entire thing even more.

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My New Hobby : Indoor Farming! Part #1

I think it is time to talk about my new hobby, indoor farming or indoor gardening. I like to call it farming because I am not growing plants for their flowers but the fruits 😛

I had this idea of growing vegetables indoors since the time I attended a session on cancer awareness. The doctor, who hosted the session said that the veggies that we get in Indian markets are hybrid, they are not natural and there are some chemicals involved in different steps of their life cycle. These chemicals are carcinogenic and the only way to avoid them is to plant your own vegetables. Right in that session I had this dream of having planted tomatoes, chilies, coriander, pumpkins, bottle guards, etc. in our balcony! That dream stayed for a while and then it was moved to backlog.

Later when I moved to Netherlands, one day I saw in a super market, they were selling biological coriander plants instead of selling just leaves, so we know it is 100% natural. And that dream resurfaced again!

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