I am not a travel person!

“Travel is your life babe!”

I was watching this super hit Hindi movie – ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ some fifth time maybe. And this dialogue said to the lead actor of the movie by his friend got stuck in my head.

Today, we see so many people taking time out of their lives to travel. Almost every weekend we can see people sharing their photos on facebook, instagram. They are actually making an effort to visit different places. They have realised that they need a change from their monotonous life. They make plans, book their dates, save money to bring this small change in their otherwise boring life.

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My first Facebook page!

Better late than never, they say.

I usually create accounts on different sites only to check out what is all the fuss everyone talking about. But somw how I never felt like having a Facebook page or even checking it out.

But now that I will be going to a new place, a new country all together and probably I am going to have all the time on the earth, I thought of a plan. I am going to go there and click lots of photos and shoot lots of videos and share them on a facebook page for my parents and relatives. And also for anyone else who is interested in it. I don’t mind having more followers than expected 😛 And since I am already getting bored as I mentioned in my last post, I have already learnt and created a page for my this blog! Hurray! It turned out to be quite simple!

I am sharing here a link, just in case if any one reading my blog may need it –

How to create a facebook page???

Don’t worry. The extra question marks are just for the effect.

And here is the link to connect your wordpress blog to facebook page –

How to connect WordPress blog to Facebook page?

While linking, chose properly your Facebook page or it will share the posts on your profile instead of your page.

And now here is link to my page!! Don’t forget to like it!!

My Life into Making

So here ends my first How to page! 😀 I think I just rushed through the details. I am in hurry to publish this post and check it shared on my facebook page!

Wish me luck guys!!