Arty Crafty Wednesday

I couldn’t think of anything good, and I also didn’t have enough time. So I just draw something quickly. So here are 5 quick doodles, telling something about me 😛


I am a tall girl with usually long hair, but now-a-days I keep them short. I think they look cool 😉 And most of the time I wear T-shirt and Jeans with sneakers, which I think makes me look cooler 😀


I am Libra, but trying hard to strike balance in my life!


I love my family and few friends that I have! They are my weakness, but also my strenght!! ❤ ❤


Maths was my favorite subject in school, and it ceases to leave my heart even today 🙂


Probably the only think I am mad about through out my life 😀

I think I am being too shameless here and posting these pictures even when they are too naive to put on a display. But I didn’t want to miss last post of this segment before my break. Yes, I am gonna be little busy next month. So I may not post anything. Not even Game of Thrones quote 😦

But I promise to come back with something exiting to share!!

Till then, Ciao!

A wife is already a mother!

A girlfriend may not be, but a wife is definitely.

I remember my friend who is married, telling me – “After you get married, you have to do everything that your mom does in your house.”

I totally agree with her.


We wives have to look after the food that is cooked, keep cloths clean and ready for tomorrow, keep house clean and maintained. And most important of all is the health of entire family. If my husband catches even cold it makes me so worried. I can’t see him in that pity situation. I feel responsible for his ill-health and want to do everything that i can to make him better. And this reminds me of my friends with kids and also my mom and my aunties and my eldest cousin with 2 daughters who would not sleep whole night some times, when their kids are not well. (I don’t even have a kid yet!)
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Happiness is….

It happened so that – my brother who is a marine engineer and sails on ship for 6 months, away from home, away from land, happened to meet my husband who has gone to Netherlands for 4 months now for his office work!!!


Cool and Handsome!

They must be together for just 2 to 3 hours but this quick meet between the 2 has made our families, here in India, so happy!
And i was like on the top of the world! 7th heaven or 9th pillar or whatever best one can think of!

This happy moment activated my creativity bud to such an extent that i took a pencil in my hand and drew out my feelings!


I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it!

I think it was an important day of my life!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration


I really love this photo of my mom and me! It make me realize how alike we are!

And yes, I admire my mom a lot! Now that mother’s day is around, I dedicate this post to her!

At my early age, in my childhood, I literally hated her. I hated her for being so strict, for scolding me when I did something wrong, for hitting me for giving back answers or doing some mischief and again hitting me for crying. I hated her for being always right, for finding out my lies, for knowing the real reasons for me not scoring good marks,.

I hated her for not letting me watch TV during study time, for forcing me to study by waking me up early morning. Sometimes not letting me go to play with my other friends as there was some stupid exam coming. She even scolded me when I confessed to her that my exam didn’t go well. And she would not let me sit and cry for the same.

She made me eat all sorts of vegetables that other kids didn’t even know. Even today my colleagues at office wonder after they listen the name of sabji i have in my tiffin. She also forced me to talk to other people who visited our house. Even though I didn’t know them and sometimes I didn’t even like them. But still I had to talk and behave properly or face mom’s fury in the wide eyes. She used to take us(my brother and me) to family functions where we had to face so many unknown relatives! I used to get bored but only for the yummy food there!

My mom also made us read newspapers! OMG! Sometimes it was good as it had tales and stories. But sometimes it really bounced over my head. I mean, why do I need to know this? Then don’t ask in our exams!

It maybe till 17 or 18 yrs of my age that I hated my mom for all these reason. I had even told my school teacher that I don’t understand why she behaves like this. My teacher would only say, “You don’t realize what she is going through.”

Yeah, that’s true. I didn’t realize it then. But as I grew up, I eventually did. Slowly all the pages began to reveal themselves. I understand the meaning behind all the things she did to us or made us do, although they were against our wish. Today I love her way more than I used to hate her once. And I am glad, I understood before it was too late.

I admire the way she taught us all that was need to be taught in spite of having to face our tears and painful face. Sometimes I even said her bad things, which otherwise anybody should not. But still she never backed out of her duty. Life becomes so easy once we have learnt all the things at right time. I also admire her for her knowledge. She reads a lot. And she talks a lot. She has many friends from different professions and different places. She keeps on communicating with them, shares knowledge. She is one huge tree with branches of knowledge widely spread and roots down under. She is never wrong, I tell you. There’s no problem in the world for which she cannot guide you. You just need to be ready to accept her solution. If she warning you, change yourself and if she appreciating you believe yourself. Life is that simple with her 🙂

With the time and age, she has become more calm and warmer. But she is till strong and she is still always right!

I just wanna tell my mom, that I love you. And thank her for all the teachings, love, blessings she has been showering on us from the day we were born. We can definitely not repay them. But we can definitely appreciate them and pass it on to next generation. I would also like to tell her that, now its her turn to listen to us, against her wish, and let us help and take care of her!


This post is my entry for this week’s photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

It is one of the most memorable days of my life. Last year 2014, my brother got married in late December. All our relatives had assembled at our house around 4-5 days before. And it was Christmas! There were lot of kids. So my cousin thought of a awesome surprise. One of us elder cousins became Santa and gave a surprise visit to everyone!!

Weekly Photo Challenge - Vivid

Enjoying Christmas just before brother’s wedding!

As we can see in the above photo it is my granny who also enjoyed the whole stuff! If one can see clearly, her hand is fractured and we wrote some stupid stuffs on that plaster 🙂 It was best time… Completely Vivid!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

My first ever niece! I love her a lot. You can see my long, fat hands enveloped around her. I hope she can feel the warmth, love and care that I have for in my heart.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Enveloped

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

The unexpected turns of event and I realise, now you need me more than before. I hope I will bear my responsibility, and will do everything that is best for  you.

Nagaon trip with Jambekar’s!!

I am already 2 weeks lates for this post. But thankfully the content is still fresh in my mind! So are all the memories!

We, all Jambekar’s, for the first time in our history or at least since I was born i.e. from 25 years, went to a trip together! Just for trip. no occassion but a picinic! Yes it might be hard to believe in today’s world where everybody is busy going here and there, taking saps, discovering world sharing photos on social networking, how can we not go to a picnic together??

But it somehow never worked out. except for this time!

We were a total of 17 adults and 2 kids so we went by a seventeen seater bus. We went saturday afternoon and came back Sunday evening.


There was an awesome beach at nagaon. we played all our heart out! We went on the beach even at 11 pm! And their was enough crowd there along with us.

next day early morning, we had our breakfast and again went to the sea!!

We teased each other, had a banana ride, bumpy ride! wow! adventurous!

And I made a video! That’s something I wanted to show you so desperately!

If you watch it, let me know what you feel about it. Do share your comments without fail.