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Interview with a Hackathon participant, team leader

Recently, we had one of the world’s biggest digital product development Hackathon held in India. The event was held in 26 cities across the countries and a whooping 10,000 students participated in it. One of them was my cousin Akash … Continue reading

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A wife is already a mother!

A girlfriend may not be, but a wife is definitely. I remember my friend who is married, telling me – “After you get married, you have to do everything that your mom does in your house.” I totally agree with … Continue reading

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The sex and the city!

This weekend i had been to my cousin’s place. And i must not forget to mention that she is the one with whom i share a very, very close bond. We like grew up liking same things. Even if we … Continue reading

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Weekly Discover Challenge – Adventure!

Adventure, for me is living life by my own. With my husband. In our house. Building our house, taking our own decisions. Living with those decisions. Adventure is earning money, spending it wisely, saving some for future. It is managing … Continue reading

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