Arty Crafty Wednesday

I couldn’t think of anything good, and I also didn’t have enough time. So I just draw something quickly. So here are 5 quick doodles, telling something about me 😛


I am a tall girl with usually long hair, but now-a-days I keep them short. I think they look cool 😉 And most of the time I wear T-shirt and Jeans with sneakers, which I think makes me look cooler 😀


I am Libra, but trying hard to strike balance in my life!


I love my family and few friends that I have! They are my weakness, but also my strenght!! ❤ ❤


Maths was my favorite subject in school, and it ceases to leave my heart even today 🙂


Probably the only think I am mad about through out my life 😀

I think I am being too shameless here and posting these pictures even when they are too naive to put on a display. But I didn’t want to miss last post of this segment before my break. Yes, I am gonna be little busy next month. So I may not post anything. Not even Game of Thrones quote 😦

But I promise to come back with something exiting to share!!

Till then, Ciao!

Raining Movies!!!

I have always been fond of movies. Why should one not be? They take us to a different world all together, a world of imagination. And especially when I was introduced to Hollywood, I realized, this imagination knows no bounds!

In past of couple of years though, I got too busy with my life and I couldn’t actually make a plan to watch the movies. I even made a list of movies which I thought I must watch but I just couldn’t find the time.

But now I say, f**k the list 😀

Because we (husband and I) took a pass to our nearby theater and we can now watch unlimited movies!!!!!!!! We have decided to watch all the upcoming movies, except the ghost movies, I don’t really like them. but my husband does, so I am not really sure if we are completely going to boycott them 😦

We have already seen 3 movies – Kahaani 2, Inferno and The Accountant. And there are 3 more planned for this weekend – Befikre, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them(IMAX) and Arrival!

I love the way things are turning out. I would wonder if I could ever get addicted to something. I mean, I wanted to see how it is to live a life completely in control of something else, like alcohol or smoking. But till now, I couldn’t dare to drink a thing that is highly alcoholic or I havent smoked even once. Now I think, why do I have to get addicted to these things when I can get addicted to watching movies? And it is not even that harmful, isn’t it? 😀

We come back from office, have dinner and then go the theater 😀 this is the best thing I can ask for. And since it is getting colder, we would rather sit in a cinema hall than to wander in the cool lanes of Amsterdam.

It is also one of things from my bucket list, to watch lots and lots of movies!!

What do you say? Do you enjoy watching movies? Which one is your favorite? What genre do you like? With whom do you prefer to watch movies? Do share! I wanna know!

Wake Up Sid!

Have you ever loved something so much, or experienced something so perfect, that you’ve felt it was designed just for you? 

Weekly Discover Challenge

Wake up Sid! The movie! It is so perfect. It is as simple as it coild be. It has no action, no suspense or it is not a thriller movie, it is neither a comedy nor a tragedy. It is a story about relationships. It is  about our equation with our parents, our friends, our studies, our crush. It is about the small things that make up our life. Continue reading