Arty Crafty Wednesday

I couldn’t think of anything good, and I also didn’t have enough time. So I just draw something quickly. So here are 5 quick doodles, telling something about me 😛


I am a tall girl with usually long hair, but now-a-days I keep them short. I think they look cool 😉 And most of the time I wear T-shirt and Jeans with sneakers, which I think makes me look cooler 😀


I am Libra, but trying hard to strike balance in my life!


I love my family and few friends that I have! They are my weakness, but also my strenght!! ❤ ❤


Maths was my favorite subject in school, and it ceases to leave my heart even today 🙂


Probably the only think I am mad about through out my life 😀

I think I am being too shameless here and posting these pictures even when they are too naive to put on a display. But I didn’t want to miss last post of this segment before my break. Yes, I am gonna be little busy next month. So I may not post anything. Not even Game of Thrones quote 😦

But I promise to come back with something exiting to share!!

Till then, Ciao!

Arty Crafty Wednesday

After my last disastrous performance, I realized that if I know I am not perfect at something, I need to work on it if I really want to improve it. And so I began to work hard, I draw and I redraw a girl holding mobile phone. I drew all the logos hundred times till they resembled the actual ones. And just like all the hard work pays off, this paid back too!

Well, I wished whatever I wrote above was true 😦

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Arty Crafty Wednesday

It’s Game of Thrones on Wednesday too!

Winter is coming!! #winteriscoming #housestark #Starks #siege #gameofthrones #got #16thjuly 7.16.17

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Arty Crafty Wednesday


The best thing I liked about this drawing is the hot steam coming from the cups :p

Arty Crafty Wednesday

Last weekend, I began to question my motive behind trying to learn to draw. I have added it as one of my items in the bucket list, but why? Why do I think I should be able to draw?

  1. I want to impress my nieces. There father is into drawing, and so I know, they both are interested in it too. And I don’t want to be left out tomorrow, when they will grow up and discuss all the arts and other things. I want to be a cool aunt!
  2. I see so many artists, painters who present their thoughts through art. And that is where I think I lack. I agree that I express my thoughts through words, but I always feel the need to support my posts with some pictures. I do use images that I find on google. But I want to keep it more customized or authentic or more original. And I cannot depend on some one else to draw things for me.

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Arty Craft Wednesday

Last week I told you, I don’t have proper coloring equipment. And this week I lost my black marker as well!! 😥
So I had to use brown pen instead. But then I used my insta skills to make those drawings ‘look’ better 😛

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Say No to Mobile Phone!

I have realized that I am wasting too much of my time and most important of all, my energy in using my mobile phone.

Time, I any way have ample of it. But energy? I have enough but it soon turns into either positive or negative depending upon my use. This is what leads to mood swings.

Do I sound confusing? Let me make it clear now. It often happens that whenever I go anywhere out, out of my house for any work or anything else, whenever I get some free time, I peep into my mobile. I might not have received any message or any notification or any comment or any like. But I will still go and check all the places on this earth my mobile to check if I have received any updates. And this is not just after we started having whatsapp and facebook on our mobiles. It started way before that. When I used to check mails on my mobile. And I used to chat through mobile.Whatsapp and facebook and instagram and twitter just made it more easy for me to use up my mobile data.


I feel this is so not healthy. It not only distracts me of the work I am doing, but it makes me more frustrated when I dont have any messages. Most of the time I expect people to reply immediately. And when they don’t, I keep on making random assumptions till the time they reply. This again causes further distraction. Final conclusion is I dont give my 100% in the work I am supposed to do plus some negative thoughts on why the person didn’t reply. Of course, of course not every one has ample of time like I do! I must know!

I have learnt that my husband never sees his phone when he is out. His phone will stay in his pocket all the time. He will only hold his phone in his hand if and only if he gets a call or he needs to call some one. Or he might use it for GPS. And when he does this, he will not, even by mistake, bother to check any of the messengers to see if he has received any messages or anything. NOT EVEN MINE!! I don’t know how he can do this. That’s why he is so focused. Even in his work. I like it though.

And that’s why I am so less focused. I should learn to keep myself away from mobile. And I am going to do that from now. It will also make me feel very important like when people will message me and I will not even check there messages because I will be busy doing something else. I wont waste my time in mobile. It is actually very difficult for me to do.

But I am going to do it. No mobile phones when I am in middle of some work! This is definitely going to improve my efficiency!

What do you think? Can you keep yourself from checking your phone? how do you manage it??? Do share! It might help me!

My first Facebook page!

Better late than never, they say.

I usually create accounts on different sites only to check out what is all the fuss everyone talking about. But somw how I never felt like having a Facebook page or even checking it out.

But now that I will be going to a new place, a new country all together and probably I am going to have all the time on the earth, I thought of a plan. I am going to go there and click lots of photos and shoot lots of videos and share them on a facebook page for my parents and relatives. And also for anyone else who is interested in it. I don’t mind having more followers than expected 😛 And since I am already getting bored as I mentioned in my last post, I have already learnt and created a page for my this blog! Hurray! It turned out to be quite simple!

I am sharing here a link, just in case if any one reading my blog may need it –

How to create a facebook page???

Don’t worry. The extra question marks are just for the effect.

And here is the link to connect your wordpress blog to facebook page –

How to connect WordPress blog to Facebook page?

While linking, chose properly your Facebook page or it will share the posts on your profile instead of your page.

And now here is link to my page!! Don’t forget to like it!!

My Life into Making

So here ends my first How to page! 😀 I think I just rushed through the details. I am in hurry to publish this post and check it shared on my facebook page!

Wish me luck guys!!